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There are many things that we get from embroidery -- it's a way to express our creativity, a way to celebrate art and the joy of invention. We make gifts for others, fashionable and functional items for ourselves, donate our time and materials and creations to charity -- the list goes on and on. The last thing anyone needs is a roadblock, or something to prevent enjoying time spent in the sewing studio.

To avoid headaches when stitching, take a few moments to plan before beginning a project. Consider the fabric that you'll be stitching on. What kind of stabilizer will you use? What kind of needle? Which type of design will work best for your project?

Over the past several years we've published dozens of articles that demonstrate how to stitch on different types of fabrics -- everything from classic quilter's cotton to nylon pet screen! In these articles you'll find excellent information about what size needle to use, any special hooping concerns, type of stabilizer to use, and the kinds of designs that work best with each fabric. Just click on a fabric below to go to the article!

Aida Cloth  
Balsa Wood Nylon
Batiste Nylon Pet Screen
Broadcloth Organza
Burlap Outdoor Fabrics
Canvas Pashmina
Chamois Pique
Charmeuse Polyester Shantung
Chiffon Pre-Quilted Fabric
Cloth Diapers PUL
Confetti Dot Quilter's Cotton
Corduroy Ribbon
Denim Satin
Faux Fur Sherpa
Faux Suede Silk
Faux Leather Spandex
Felt Straw Hats
Flannel Sweater Knits
Fleece Sweatshirts
Gabardine Taffeta
Hemp T-Shirts (Cotton/Knit)
Homespun Towels (Tea & Flour Sack)
Leather Towels (Terrycloth & Linen)
Linen Tulle
Micro Pique Velour
Microfiber Velvet
Minkee (Microfiber Plush) Vinyl / Oilcloth
Moleskin Waffle Weave
Muslin Wool
  Fabrics 101 Stabilizer & Design Guide
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