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Happy Hour & VIP Embroidery FAQ

Embroiderers who shop at Embroidery Library are automatically enrolled in an exciting "Happy Hour" event. The Happy Hour is held one weekend every month, and those that are invited are eligible for excellent savings and exclusive free VIP Embroidery Designs.

When you make a purchase during a month, you're automatically added to the Happy Hour invitation list for the following month. During the Happy Hour event we'll send you an email that has all the details and information about the Happy Hour promotion. The discounts and free designs change from month to month, but the Happy Hour invitations will have all the information you need.

Below you'll find frequently asked questions about the Happy Hour program. Keep shopping at Embroidery Library, and keep an eye on your inbox for the next Happy Hour invitation!

What is the Happy Hour and VIP Embroidery program?

The Happy Hour program is a customer rewards program with special discounts and free designs. The Happy Hour is held one weekend per month. It begins early Friday morning, and usually ends on Sunday night at midnight, Central time.

A few hours before the Happy Hour begins we send email invitations that reveal the discount and promotion, as well as the free designs.

When is the next Happy Hour?

The dates aren't announced in advance. The event is rather spontaneous, like a real life happy hour!

What do I need to do to be added to the Happy Hour list?

Make a purchase from www.emblibrary.com, and you'll be automatically added to the mailing list. Keep in mind that there's a one-month lag. For example, if you bought a design in October, we'll send you an invitation to November's Happy Hour.

What are VIP Embroidery Designs?

VIP Embroidery Designs are free designs given to those that participate in a Happy Hour. The VIP Embroidery Designs are automatically added to your order history (not the basket/order). They appear as a separate order.

The VIP Designs are new every month; they're not repeated, and not available for sale. They're exclusive to those that participate in the Happy Hour.

I placed a Happy Hour order, but I can't find the VIP Embroidery designs.

After you place a Happy Hour order, the VIP Embroidery designs will be added to your Order History in a separate order. The VIP Embroidery designs will not be added to your existing Happy Hour order. Click the Order History and look for the order named VIP Embroidery. The designs will be listed in that order.

I accidentally deleted my Happy Hour email. Can you resend it?

No, it can't be resent. But your Message Center at the site saves promotional emails for 30 days. Click the Message Center link at the top of the homepage at www.emblibrary.com, and then click on the link that says, "Happy Hour - Now at Embroidery Library!" That will give the details about the Happy Hour promotion.

I didn't get a Happy Hour invitation.

Check your order history. Did you make a purchase during the previous calendar month? Remember that there's a one-month lag. For example: When you make a purchase during October, we send you an invitation to November's Happy Hour.

If you did make a purchase during the previous calendar month, then visit your Message Center to see if you're subscribed to the mailing list. If you're unsubscribed, we won't send you email invitations.

If your subscription status shows "subscribed," then it's possible that your email service provider is routing the invitations to a spam/junk/bulk mail folder. Please check your spam/junk/bulk mail folder in case the email was routed there. We also recommend that you add support@emblibrary.com to your safe list and contacts. The invitations are sent from that address. This may help prevent your email service provider from blocking or deleting these emails. If you've done this already and are still having troubles receiving our emails, contact your email service provider and tell them not to block or delete emails from support@emblibrary.com.

I missed the Happy Hour weekend. May I purchase the VIP Embroidery designs?

No, the VIP Embroidery designs are not for sale. They are only available to Happy Hour-goers during the Happy Hour weekend.

If your questions aren't answered above, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com. We'll be glad to help!