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Victorian Christmas

NEW THIS WEEK - November 7th, 2007

Victorian Christmas


As Jack Frost starts nipping at our nose, stay toasty in the glow of the fireplace, and in the warmth of a great embroidery project.

A stunning pair of Victorian Santa Claus designs are elaborate and rich in detail. Each Santa Claus design has a coordinating reindeer design, too. Note how the print in Santa's cloak matches the reindeer's blanket!

Redwork designs in Christmas motifs -- such as trees, wreaths, and angels -- sew in a flash and are fantastic embellishments to tea towels, table linens, and curtains. 

New Jacobean Winterland designs are icy and frosty with cool poinsettias, delicate snowflakes, and crisp holly. Square, oval, border, spray, and corner shapes, mean that these Jacobean designs will walk their way onto every embroidery project.

And, let Santa and his team of reindeer take flight in your home! Santa's Flight designs, in freestanding lace, form a magnificent Christmas scene for any table or mantelpiece.

Savor the Christmas spirit with these new Victorian Christmas designs!

Up, up, and away! Bring a classic Christmas scene (in freestanding lace) to your home today!

Victorian Santa Claus, and Reindeer Designs

Sue, and embroiderer from Pennsylvania, is an avid Santa fan. All things relating to Santa make
her happy, but the Olde World or Victorian-style Santas are really her favorite. Sue wrote in and requested that we create new Victorian Santa Claus designs for Christmas this year. And indeed, those traditional Santa Claus images hold a special place in our hearts, and remind us of
Christmas traditions and seasons of yore. Thank you for this great request, Sue!

The Santa designs, when used individually or paired with their corresponding reindeer designs,
are a beautiful addition to holiday towels, pillows, wall hangings, stockings, tree skirts, and more!

Encased in a handsome robes of crimson, gold and green, Santa lights his
 way with a glowing lantern. Can be paired with the corresponding reindeer below.

Available in three sizes:
4.47"X7.81" and 3.77"X6.61" and 3.14"X5.51"

Santa's majestic reindeer with impressive antlers and
 a bell-encrusted harness. Matches the Santa design above.
Note how the designs in the reindeer's blanket match Santa's robe!

Available in three sizes:
7.34"X7.81" and 5.87"X6.24" and 4.84"X5.16"

With a golden robe and holly topped walking staff, Santa examines his next gift. 
Can be paired with the matching reindeer below. Note how the pattern in Santa's
cloak matches the reindeer's blanket!

Available in three sizes:
4.83"X8.26" and 4.10"X7.01" and 3.34"X5.72"

A reindeer in a brightly colored blanket, waits patiently for Santa.
 Can be paired with the Santa design above.

Available in three sizes:
5.94"X7.81" and 5.27"X6.92" and 4.23"X5.55"

Jacobean Winterland Designs

Frosty hues of green and blue for a Jacobean Winter Wonderland -- or Winterland.
Snowflakes dance and weave their way through holly buds and mistletoe. The square
shape of this design is just right for quilts, pillows, gift bags, towels, and more!

Available in three sizes:
7.80"X7.80" and 5.80"X5.80" and 4.80"X4.80"

Winter and Christmas motifs swirl around one another to create an icy circle.
This circular shape is nice for towels, trivets, placemats, and seasonal pillows.

Available in three sizes:
7.80"X7.69" and 5.90"X5.80" and 4.90"X4.80"

Mingling together in an oval shape are crystalline flakes, poinsettia blooms, and holly berries.

Available in two sizes:
5.85"X8.22" and 4.85"X6.80"

Cool, whirling lines are intertwined with delicate snowflakes and holiday foliage.
The smaller size of this border design is formatted for the Endless Hoop;
 may also be used in standard hoops.

Available in two sizes:
9.40"X4.82" and 6.00"X3.08"

Delicate sprays of holly and mistletoe curl merrily in delicate sprays. Embroider them vertically
as quilt borders, button plackets, and embellishment on the legs of denim jeans. Or, place them horizontally on shirt yokes, skirt hems, the bottoms of cozy fleece jackets, a table runner, bath
towels, and bed linens!
Left   Right


Available in two sizes:
3.15"X9.40" and 2.29"X6.85"

  Available in two sizes:
3.15"X9.40" and 2.29"X6.85"

Tuck this shivery design of wintery items
into corners of towels and table runners.
  A frosty bloom accented by
 distinctive holly leaves is a
wonderful accent to the
other Winterland designs.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.85"

  Available in one size:

A Jacobean Winterland Pack

Click on the images or links below to see the designs included in the pack,
and add the pack to your shopping cart.
All designs smaller than 8 x 10 All designs smaller than 8 x 8 All designs smaller than 6 x 10
  All designs smaller than 5 x 7  

Redwork Christmas Elegance

Quick to stitch and all one color, these Redwork designs are an easy way to liven up home decor
with the Christmas spirit. Add to tea towels, table linens, cozies, aprons, pillow cases, curtains
and more.  They are great for using on Christmas gifts too!

Tied with a bow, a bell tolls gaily with glad tidings.

Available in two sizes:
4.83"X5.22" and 3.57"X3.85"

Above a ribbon-bedecked mantle and flanked by glowing
 candles, a holiday-adorned wreath is charmingly featured.

Available in two sizes:
6.46"X4.79" and 3.85"X2.87"

A pair of poinsettias are tucked sweetly into a holiday basket.

Available in two sizes:
5.97"X4.59" and 3.85"X2.93"

Just waiting to be filled with delightful treats, a fancy stocking has been hung from the mantle.

Available in two sizes:
5.35"X4.79" and 3.85"X3.45"

A winter-attired snowman stands quietly in the serene moonlight.

Available in two sizes:
4.83"X5.37" and 3.48"X3.85"

A single, starburst ornament hangs gracefully from a bough of mistletoe.

Available in two sizes:
5.82"X4.78" and 3.85"X3.15"

With her glorious wings spread, a peaceful angel clasps a bouquet of Christmas poinsettias.

Available in two sizes:
4.43"X6.82" and 2.48"X3.85"

Perfect for a midnight ride, this elegant sleigh is ready for passengers.

Available in two sizes:
6.62"X4.80" and 3.85"X2.78"

O Christmas Tree O, Christmas Tree, Your branches green
(or red) delight us.

Available in two sizes:
3.88"X6.79" and 2.21"X3.85"

A Redwork Victorian Christmas Elegance Pack
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designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your shopping cart.
All designs smaller than 5 x 7   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Santa's Flight in Freestanding Lace!

"Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!"

Recreate Santa's Christmas flight in 3D freestanding lace! Santa is at the helm of his sleigh, and there's plenty of room in the back for treats. Lace Santa, sleigh, and reindeer designs can be used together to make a large Christmas scene, or used individually as ornaments. Click here for instructions for making a large scene with the Santa's Flight designs.

Embroider seven freestanding lace designs and stitch them together to make Santa and his sleigh.

Available in two sizes:
5" x 7" and 4" x 4"

Each reindeer design contains three pieces: a left side, a right side, and a bar to
connect the two together with glue. Wonderful when hooked together to the sleigh,
but also quite lovely when hung on a Christmas tree.

Reindeer 1   Reindeer 2


Available in two sizes:
5" x 7" and 4" x 4"

  Available in two sizes:
5" x 7" and 4" x 4"

Reindeer 3

Available in two sizes:
5" x 7" and 4" x 4"

A Santa's Flight (Lace) Pack
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pack to your shopping cart.
All designs smaller than 5 x 7   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Here's a photo of the above lace designs arranged in a flight scene.
Fantastic for Christmas displays, table tops, and mantels!

Lace Pine Boughs

Use these lovely freestanding lace pine boughs, some with pinecones and berries, to create lace Christmas trees, wreaths, gift adornments, and mistletoe.  Click here for instructions on how to
make a Lace Christmas tree.



Available in three sizes:
4.84"X5.87" and 3.20"X3.87" and 2.50"X3.02"

  Available in three sizes:
4.85"X5.52" and 3.39"X3.87" and 2.65"X3.02"



Available in three sizes:
4.82"X6.54" and 2.85"X3.87" and 2.23"X3.02"

  Available in three sizes:
4.92"X4.82" and 3.87"X3.81" and 3.02"X2.98"

A Lace Christmas Tree Boughs Pack
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pack, and add the pack to your shopping cart.
All designs smaller than 5 x 7 All designs smaller than 4 x 4 All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Tree Skirts, Quilts, and Stockings: Showcase Pictures!

Take a moment to look through these pretty projects from the Stitchers Showcase. Completed
by fellow embroiderers, these holiday home decor items will inspire your own creativity! Just think
of using these projects and sharing wonderful memories, year after year. New tree skirts, stockings, and quilts will be treasured by your family for years to come and they make great gifts!
Reversible Tree Skirt   Dickens's Village Tree Skirt


Santa's Around the Tree

  Snowbirds Adorn Quilt and Tree Skirt

Redbirds Story Quilt   Christmas Quilt Survives Katrina   Quilt of Christmas Toile

Christmas Stockings Extraordinaire   Shimmering St. Nick   Christmas Stockings Extraordinaire

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