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A Midsummer Night's Dream

NEW THIS WEEK - August 13th, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Every now and again, it is blissful to escape day-to-day activities and lose yourself in dreams full of magic and far away lands. Dream a Midsummer Night's Dream, and enjoy an adventure in a land where fairies dance and pixies play!

Beautifully-detailed Art Nouveau fairy and mermaid designs are the first to greet you on your travels. Intricate motifs and elegant lines make these perfect for pillows, totes, and jacketbacks.

Redwork depictions of imaginative creatures, such as dragons, mermaids, and unicorns, add classic fantasy scenes to book bags and garments. Quick-stitching one-color pixies are fun on nighttime story quilts and children's dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Fairies for the 'tweens and pre-'tweens are teeny in stature, but big in personality and bold color! See them flit and fly gleefully, waving their magic wands at everything in their path. They're sure to become fast friends with little girls, and enchant garments, bed linens, and backpacks.

The Tooth Fairy will always
be able to find a lost tooth
when it's placed in this darling Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillow!

Art Nouveau

Get swept away by the beauty of a bewitching Art Nouveau-style mermaid and fairy. Madison,
 the graceful mermaid, is named for Darryl Hannah's character in the movie 'Splash,' while the
 luminous fairy is named Titania after the fairy queen from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's
 Dream.' Both designs combine exquisite detail and curling forms that will create an stunning
 impact when stitched pillows, jacketbacks, totes, and towels.

A magical, Art Nouveau mermaid swirls
about against a backdrop of coral and an elegant frame. Bring a beautiful splash of the
 sea to bathroom wall-hangings and towels!
With gossamer wings and an ethereal glow, an
 Art Nouveau fairy twirls gleefully within a delicate frame. Let her bring a feminine touch to denim jacket and shirt backs.
Available in two sizes:
4.89"X9.40" and 3.57"X6.87"
  Available in two sizes:
5.54"X9.40" and 4.05"X6.86"


When framing embroidery, different frame styles can have a big impact on your project. In this example, the intricate swirls of the Art Nouveau Fairy's border are enhanced by the ornate edging of the metal frame. The combination creates a delightful and fanciful appearance!

If you're interested in learning more about how to frame your embroidered pieces, click here for free instructions.

Redwork Flight of Fantasy

From the deepest corners of the earth and imagination roam fabulous creatures, filled with
 mystique and beauty. These one-color, Redwork designs will stitch up in the blink of an eye,
 almost as if by magic. Add the dramatic fantasy depictions to quilts, blankets, and pillows
 to provoke amazing daydreams!

The majestic gryphon is an impressive combination of lion, king of the beasts, and eagle, king of
 the birds. Stitch the noble creature onto tees and sweatshirts for boys and men of all ages.
Available in two sizes:
5.86"X6.83" and 4.86"X5.65"

A mystical, one-horned unicorn dances among swirling breezes and
 directly onto gifts for those with big dreams and vivid imaginations.
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X6.23" and 4.87"X5.15"

A flying, fire-breathing dragon engages in battle with a wizard trained in the art of arcane
magic. This design will energize any item for fans of Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings
trilogy, and Renaissance festivals.
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X6.58" and 4.87"X5.44"


One of the easiest ways to bring a new look to the kitchen is by changing out the dish towels on display. In a flash, embroidery touches can bring a new, interesting accent to the room.

Magical Redwork Flight of Fantasy designs, full of imaginative scenes and amazing characters, create eye-catching details when added to tea or flour sack towels.

A fierce wyvern, a dragon with two legs and two wings, lets out a angry roar.
Dynamic when added to wall-hangings, framed embroidery, and throw pillows!
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X6.63" and 4.87"X5.48"

A wee fairy pair romps through a moonlit garden and is a
 playful match for tea towels, curtains, cozies and more!
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X6.60" and 4.87"X5.46"

A lovely mermaid swims about with fish friends along the ocean
 floor. Bring her sea splendor to beach bags, towels, and cover-ups.
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X6.55" and 4.87"X5.42"

A Redwork Flight of Fantasy Value Pack

Let imaginations run wild by adding fantastic Flight of Fantasy creatures and alluring
characters to everyday items. Purchase the designs individually by clicking the images or
links above, or buy the pack of all 6 using the links below!
The large design pack contains
6 designs, and is priced at $14.97.
  The small design pack contains
6 designs, and is priced at $14.97.
All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7

I Believe in Fairies

We're never to old to believe in magic, pixie dust, or fairies. These darling winged wonders will
 delight those of all ages and bring enchantment to a variety of items. Little girls and 'tweens will
love their cheerful personalities when added to bedding and attire. More mature believers will adore
the playful pixies on totes and towels.

Fashionable Aaralyn Fairy finds shopping
 magical! Let her accent shopping totes,
 purses, and backpacks.
  Little Brielle Fairy is full of heart and smiles.
 She can't wait to find a home on darling
 dresses and frocks.
Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.36" and 3.48"X3.85"
  Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.64" and 3.30"X3.85"


Your very own little pixie will feel so pretty when dressed up with fun, fairy friends! A single design on the front of a frock creates a sweet, simple look, while adding multiple magical mates will add more pizzazz to the garment.

Experiment with design placement by dotting the fairies onto pockets, hems, plackets, and more on various apparel items.

Calista Fairy waves 'hello' as she zips through the
 sky. Let her fly directly onto notebook covers, pencil bags, and school bags.
Sweet Derica Fairy is always ready
 to give hugs and a sprinkle of fairy
 dust. Add her lovable smile to towels
 for little girls and 'tweens.
Available in two sizes:
6.86"X4.50" and 3.86"X2.53"
  Available in two sizes:
4.88"X6.38" and 2.93"X3.85"

Between casting spells, Ellasyn Fairy takes time to smell the roses. She will bring fun, flower power to shirts, skirts, and pants.
'Look at me!" cries Fiorella Fairy as she soars toward the stars. This peppy pixie is darling on overnight bags, pajamas, and robes.
Available in two sizes:
4.28"X6.01" and 2.73"X3.86"
  Available in two sizes:
4.84"X6.42" and 2.90"X3.86"

A I Believe in Fairies Value Pack

Fanciful fairies will energize any item in need of a dose of magic! Purchase the designs
individually by clicking the images or links above, or buy the pack of all 6 using the links below!
The large design pack contains
6 designs, and is priced at $14.97.
  The small design pack contains
6 designs, and is priced at $14.97.
All designs smaller than 5 x 7   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Redwork Pixies

When flower petals ruffle or you hear a giggle on the breeze, pixies are near! Playful redwork pixies, propelled by flitting wings, will stitch up in a flash. The sweet sprites will conjure up smiles
 when added to all kinds of items such as tea towels, pillows, quilts, tees, and more!

Indira is thrilled with her glorious flower. Let her
 share her petal power on gardening items such
 as aprons, totes, and banners.
Jessamine is nuts about acorns! Add
 natural twist to items for fans of the
 great outdoors.
Available in two sizes:
3.67"X6.86" and 2.06"X3.84"
  Available in two sizes:
3.60"X6.86" and 2.02"X3.85"

Nature-loving Kirsi makes friends with a
 busy bug. She would love to soar onto
 picnic and patio table linens.
A spotted mushroom is just the right size
 for Liliana to enjoy a moment's rest. Other wonderful places for her to relax includes
 quilts and blankets.
Available in two sizes:
4.83"X6.22" and 2.99"X3.85"
  Available in two sizes:
4.48"X6.83" and 2.51"X3.85"


Drift off into dreamland with darling pillows sprinkled with magical Redwork Pixies. Removable pillow shams or covers make laundering favorite sleepy-time cushions a snap.

The pretty pixies will remain good as new with this easy-to-remove pillow cover project: Reversible Pillow Cover

Phaedra performs a cute curtsey high in
 the air - an adorable match for your very
 own sugar plum fairies and Tinkerbells!
Beautiful, hypnotic melodies flow from Madelia's enchanted flute - a delightful match for musicians
 and music lovers alike.
Available in two sizes:
4.08"X6.86" and 2.28"X3.84"
  Available in two sizes:
3.93"X6.86" and 2.20"X3.85"

Tranquil Wren sits quietly and dreams the day away. Create
 delightful dreams for little ones by adding her to children's bedding.
Available in two sizes:
4.82"X5.57" and 3.33"X3.85"

A Redwork Pixies Value Pack

Petite Redwork Pixies can't wait to gleefully zip onto a home decor and wardrobe items!
Purchase the designs individually by clicking the images or links above, or buy the pack
of all 6 using the links below!
The large design pack contains
7 designs, and is priced at $9.97.
  The small design pack contains
7 designs, and is priced at $9.97.
All designs smaller than 5 x 7   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Bewitching fairies play on moonbeams glimmering through the trees and glistening across the brook.
 The detailed scene will magically beautify totes, sweatshirts, wall-hangings, pillows and more!
Available in four sizes:
8.91"X9.51" and 7.30"X7.81" and 6.25"X5.84" and 5.17"X4.85"

Fairy Fantasy

Free your inner fairy by adding these little lasses with swirls and stars throughout the house!
 These fabulous fairies come in shapes, borders, and corners for easy placement on a variety
 of home decor items such as table and bed linens, pillows, and towels. And, use the spell-binding
 border along the hems of pants and jackets.

A pretty fairy delicately perches onto a charming stars and swirls scene and
 will create a fantastical feature on tablecloths, table runners and toppers.
Available in three sizes:
5.85"X6.54" and 4.88"X5.45" and 3.46"X3.86"


Shapes, borders, and corners make it easy to mix and match designs on items, while also continuing your theme. The shapes and corner of the Fairy Fantasy designs look magnificently mystical when mingled together along the hem of a comforter.

Try using the different forms together on table linens, jackets, tote bags and more!

Hiding among decorative curls and stars is a dainty fairy. Grow the enchanted vine along pant legs
 and shirt plackets. The medium size of this design has been formatted for the Endless Hoop; may
 also be used in standard hoops.

Available in three sizes:
3.57"X9.40" and 2.44"X6.00" and 1.47"X3.85"

An alluring fairy swings to and from a graceful,
 star-sprinkled arch. Tuck the splendid sprite into
 the corners of napkins, pockets, and pillows.
With spell-binding beauty, a feather-light
 fairy pirouettes through the air. Let the
 petite pixie land on curtains, lampshades, bedding, and more!
Available in two sizes:
5.04"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.70"
  Available in one size:

A Fairy Fantasy Value Pack

Create mesmerizing gifts when you dash dainty fairies across any number of items! Purchase the
designs individually by clicking the images or links above, or buy the value pack using the links below!


The large design pack contains
5 designs, and is priced at $11.97.
  The medium pack contains
4 designs, and is priced at $9.97.
  The small pack contains
4 designs, and is priced at $8.97.
All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7 All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Fairy Sunbonnet Sue

Sprouting wings and full of magic, Fairy Sunbonnet Sue is new twist on a traditional theme. Not
only adorable, Sue also brings with her inspiring words. Add the sprightly Sue to pillows and wall-hangings for enlightening sentiment or dash her across items for baby and tiny tots.

Fairy Sunbonnet Sue waves her magic wand and reminds us that everyday is an
 adventure. Add this lively life's lesson to diaper bags, baby blankets, and onesies.
Available in three sizes:
6.46"X5.87" and 5.30"X4.82" and 3.86"X3.51"

Fairy Sunbonnet Sue is sure to put a spell on you. Share the
magic by adding her to baby bibs, burp cloths, and swaddlers.
Available in two sizes:
3.50"X3.51" and 2.50"X2.51"

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