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Nordic Christmas

NEW THIS WEEK - July 28th, 2010


Nordic Christmas

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Summer's heat is in full swing ... but it's Christmas in July, time to look ahead to the chilly season when warmth comes from within. This week's new Nordic Christmas design collection takes inspiration from Scandinavian classics, perfect to bring a bit of old world flair and cozy whimsy into your celebrations.

Norwegian wood-painting gets a merry twist with Christmas rosemaling: an evergreen tree, reindeer, and bells, plus a flurry of beautiful rosemaling snowflakes. Stitch them on creative heirlooms for your home: kitchen accessories, table linens, stockings, pillows, tree skirts and more.

Dance around with a festive bunch of sweater party animals, all bundled up in their cutest winter wear. They'll be so "cool" on creations for kids of all ages! Plus, dress up your own wardrobe (plus stockings and lots more!) with Christmas sweater classics -- eight sleek, colorful features and matching borders in the style of traditional bright-and-jolly holiday sweaters. Even Sunbonnet Sue and Fisherman Fred are all dressed up in warm sweaters to go get the Christmas tree!

In the darkest time of the year, close to the North Pole, Nordic Christmas celebrations bring a blaze warmth and light into the middle of winter. Illuminate your own festivities, wherever in the world you may be, with these joyful designs!

Bring new life to a worn-out or outgrown sweater ... convert it into a Christmas stocking. Click here for free project instructions!



Christmas Rosemaling

Rosemaling is a traditional Norwegian wood-painting art that's as popular today as ever. You've adored Embroidery Library's incredible rosemaling embroidery designs ... now enjoy a creative Christmas take on this classic craft! Warm red, green, and gold hues create lively evergreen, reindeer, and bell designs that go perfectly with a festive border and corner.

Let this rosemaling Christmas tree design star in your Christmas decorations this year!

Available in three sizes:
7.03"X7.82" and 5.87"X6.52" and 4.86"X5.42"

Reindeer, or caribou, still run wild in the Norwegian Tundra. This artistic rosemaling design will bring a bit of Northern enchantment into your home's holiday decor.

Available in three sizes:
6.80"X7.81" and 5.86"X6.73" and 4.86"X5.59"

Bells chime in this lively rosemaling design. Get creative and experiment with color ... silver bells are just a few thread changes away!

Available in three sizes:
7.82"X6.87" and 6.67"X5.86" and 5.54"X4.85"

Gently scrolling rosemaling swirls mix with bright flowers and a golden star. The medium size of this border design has been formatted for the Endless Hoop; may also be used in standard hoops.

Available in three sizes:
9.42"X3.91" and 6.00"X2.78" and 3.87"X1.61"

Delicate rosemaling swirls can dress up the corners of napkins, placemats, table runners, even garments. (Find more corner inspiration in this recent article!)

Available in two sizes:
4.86"X4.87" and 3.84"X3.84"

A Christmas Rosemaling Value Pack


Craft Nordic Christmas creations that are sure to become family treasures, with these gorgeous rosemaling designs. The Christmas Rosemaling design packs contain 7 designs, priced at only $12.97! Click on an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket.


All designs smaller than 7.9 x 10   All designs smaller than 7.9 x 7.9

All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7

Rosemaling (Norwegian for "rose painting") is traditionally done on wood, so it's found its way onto all kinds of kitchen and dining items. Spruce up your holiday decor with a simple, elegant table runner, filled with festive rosemaling designs. We made napkin rings and coasters to match.

Click here for these free project instructions!



Rosemaling Snowflakes

Stitch a flurry of delicate, beautiful rosemaling snowflakes with this trio of designs. Each is available in four sizes, so you can stitch them big and grand, or small and dainty. Icy shades of blue and white will make these snowflakes dazzle on just about anything for the snowy season -- tree skirts, sweatshirts, stockings, quilts, and anything else your cozy heart desires.

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.80" and 5.86"X5.85" and 4.86"X4.85" and 3.86"X3.85"

You'll have endless fun picking colors to make these light and lovely snowflakes shine. Choose bright teal, cool periwinkle, silvery gray, antique cream, or even very light violet. These designs leave lots of room for fanciful creativity!

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.80" and 5.86"X5.85" and 4.85"X4.85" and 3.86"X3.85"

Subtle shading creates a phenomenal effect in this rosemaling snowflake design. When it's this beautiful, winter is a delight!

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.80" and 5.85"X5.85" and 4.85"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.85"



Sweater Party Animals

It's a party, and you're invited! Dance and play with these oh-so-adorable critters all bundled up in their warmest winter wear. Reginald Reindeer, Katy Kitty, Missy Mouse, and more playful pals will be adorable on stockings, hats, sweaters, and more ... for kids of all ages!
Polly Penguin   Petey Polar Bear


Available in two sizes:
3.71"X5.04" and 2.84"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.62"X5.39" and 3.30"X3.85"

Reginald Reindeer   Missy Mouse


Available in two sizes:
4.11"X6.86" and 2.31"X3.86"

  Available in two sizes:
3.73"X5.22" and 2.76"X3.87"

Beverly Bunny   Maxi Moose


Available in two sizes:
4.25"X6.87" and 2.39"X3.86"

  Available in two sizes:
3.76"X5.58" and 2.58"X3.85"

Katy Kitty   Howard Husky


Available in two sizes:
3.95"X5.26" and 2.89"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
5.17"X3.95" and 3.86"X2.94"

A Sweater Party Animals Value Pack


Party hearty with all these chilly-weather designs! The Sweater Party Animals design packs contain 8 designs, priced at only $14.97! Click on an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket.


All designs smaller than 5 x 7   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Dress up a kid's fleece hat, scarf, or even mittens with adorable animals in cuddly sweaters! Kenny's tips and tricks for embroidering on polar fleece will show you how to get crisp, clear stitching on this popular fabric.

Click here for these free instructions!



Christmas Sweater Classics

Ah ... Christmas sweaters. What would the holiday season be without them? They're loud, joyful, a little bit silly ... just the thing to bring some lighthearted cheer into your winter wardrobe. Sure, you can stitch these feature designs and their matching borders on sweaters ... but try sweatshirts, stockings, and lots more, too! (The medium size of each border has been formatted for the Endless Hoop; they may also be used in standard hoops.)

A simple Santa treks through a forest of Christmas trees and a whirl of icy snowflakes in this merry design. Wear it proudly to bring a bit of magic to the holiday season!

Available in two sizes:
9.31"X4.97" and 6.78"X3.61"

A winter wind has whipped off Santa's hat! Stitch this very merry design over and over as a border, or all on its own -- it'll look great either way!
Available in three sizes:
9.32"X3.04" and 5.98"X2.17" and 3.90"X1.29"

Mrs. Claus is busy wrapping presents, getting ready for Santa's big night.
Available in two sizes:
9.32"X5.17" and 6.79"X3.78"

A pair of mittens held together with a string makes an adorable wintry border to coordinate with Mrs. Claus' design above.
Available in three sizes:
9.31"X3.03" and 6.00"X2.16" and 3.88"X1.28"

A symmetrical pair of leaping reindeer are surrounded by evergreen trees and geometric snowflakes. You can just imagine this design as a fancy pattern knitted into the front of a sweater ... but the smooth shapes make it really dazzle!
Available in two sizes:
8.97"X5.83" and 6.85"X4.45"

Repeating reindeer make up this very merry border. With just two colors, it's quick to stitch, and easy to adapt to your holiday projects!
Available in three sizes:
9.33"X3.05" and 6.00"X2.03" and 3.86"X1.27"

Make your list and check it twice! This wrapped gift design will be a fun addition to Christmas decor.
Available in two sizes:
8.89"X5.86" and 6.80"X4.48"

Classic knitted star shapes and snowflakes frame a wrapped gift in this border design.
Available in three sizes:
9.32"X3.18" and 5.95"X2.30" and 3.86"X1.33"

A decorated Christmas tree is the centerpiece of this festive sweater-inspired design. With just two colors, it'll stitch out in a snap!
Available in two sizes:
9.41"X4.89" and 6.84"X3.55"

Eight-pointed stars are a simple shape that shows up again and again in quilting and knitting. Borrow the look with this merry Christmas tree border!
Available in three sizes:
9.30"X3.60" and 5.99"X2.42" and 3.86"X1.57"

An elegant Christmas ornament is framed by swirls, holly, and stars. This design will be lovely on sweatshirts, stockings, and more!
Available in two sizes:
9.32"X5.45" and 6.80"X3.97"

Stitch this design over and over on curtains or tablecloths for a merry new way to decorate!
Available in three sizes:
9.19"X3.15" and 6.00"X2.20" and 3.87"X1.34"

A crystalline blue snowflake is surrounded by icy swirls and stars in this delicate design.
Available in two sizes:
9.32"X5.00" and 6.80"X3.65"

Imagine this design repeated as a border along the edge of a quilt, pillowcase, or curtain. It'll look like a fresh, magical snowfall!
Available in three sizes:
9.31"X3.08" and 6.00"X2.07" and 3.87"X1.32"

Make love the center of your holiday stitching with this classic heart design. It'll be pretty on sweaters and timeless Christmas decor!
Available in two sizes:
9.31"X4.67" and 6.81"X3.42"

Fill your holiday festivities with love ... and a simply charming heart border!
Available in three sizes:
9.30"X2.87" and 5.95"X2.12" and 3.85"X1.21"

A Christmas Sweater Classics Value Pack


Stitch a fun collection of sweater-inspired embroidery! The Christmas Sweater Classics design packs contain 24 designs, priced at only $29.97! Click on an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket.


All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7

They're called Christmas Sweater Classics, and you can certainly stitch them on sweaters -- but there's so much more to do with them too! Try embroidering them across the front of a sweatshirt, stitching them on velvet to make a luxurious stocking, or anything else you like!


Put on your favorite warm sweater and share a Christmas tradition with Sunbonnet Sue and Fisherman Fred -- getting the Christmas tree! Fred hauls the tree back through the snow while Sue collects pine boughs to make a beautiful wreath. Even their little dog and cat have matching sweaters! These designs will be adorable on all sorts of decor for the approaching Christmas season.


 Sunbonnet Sue

  Fisherman Fred


Available in three sizes:
5.85"X6.47" and 4.84"X5.35" and 3.49"X3.86"

  Available in three sizes:
5.85"X6.56" and 4.84"X5.42" and 3.44"X3.86"

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