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For more than a century, birds and flowers have been chosen as emblems to represent a state's beauty and individuality. Enjoy a star-spangled series of designs this week, commemorating the 50 states, and Canada's provinces and territories too!

We've taken the state birds and flowers and blended them together into beautifully detailed and richly complex embroidery designs. From Alaska's willow ptarmigan to Florida's orange blossoms, each state has a design that is uniquely its own.

And, there's more! You'll also find light-and-lively redwork birds and flowers, applique state shapes and outlines, even the national anthem, ready to add stately beauty to your embroidery projects.

There are more than 1000 new designs this week -- too many to fit on one page. On this page you'll find the full-color state bird and flower medleys. Look for the tabs below to go to the redwork flowers, birds, and applique state shapes and outlines as well.

Sew and show your patriotic pride - enjoy the designs!

Kenny made a beautiful banner with the United States medley and national anthem designs. Let him inspire you with these free instructions!

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Minnesota Loon and Ladyslipper

Embroidery Library was born and bred in Minnesota, and we begin our journey through the 50
states with our state emblems, the loon and showy ladyslipper. They're arranged together in a beautiful medley, with graceful movement of the flower stems contrasting with the loon's stillness.

Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and the unique call of the loons is heard most often
at dusk and dawn. Our state has 90,000 miles of shoreline, which is more than California, Florida, and Hawaii -- combined!

As you scroll down the page you'll find that the designs are available in four sizes.
In order to accommodate the 100 x 100 mm hoops, a different form of the design was
created. That's shown below, on the right. The larger three sizes of the medleys are
the full version, shown below, on the left.



Available in three sizes:
7.00"X10.67" and 5.86"X8.97" and 4.45"X6.87"

  Available in one size:

Alabama became the 22nd state of the United States in 1819. The camellia is the state's official flower, while the yellowhammer is the state's official bird. The state is home to the first electric trolley system, Hank Aaron, and Willie Mays.

In 1867 Secretary of State Seward bought Alaska from Russia for 2 cents per acre. Turned out to be a pretty good deal, even though many Americans at the time called it "Seward's Folly." The willow ptarmigan is the state's official bird; the forget-me-not is the state flower.
Alabama   Alaska


Available in four sizes:
6.15"X11.80" and 4.91"X9.42" and 3.60"X6.87" and 3.87"X3.79"

  Available in four sizes:
5.86"X11.79" and 4.66"X9.39" and 3.40"X6.85" and 3.19"X3.85"

Arizona's cactus wren and saguaro blossom make a stunning combination. The flower blooms on the tips of the giant cactus during the early summery months of May and June. The state holds the Grand Canyon National Park, and the largest copper production in the nation.

The mockingbird and apple blossom represent the state of Arkansas. Hot Springs National Park has had famous and infamous guests, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and Al Capone.
Arizona   Arkansas


Available in four sizes:
6.65"X11.78" and 5.28"X9.40" and 3.86"X6.85" and 3.86"X3.27"

  Available in four sizes:
6.25"X11.79" and 4.98"X9.41" and 3.63"X6.85" and 3.24"X3.86"

California's valley quail is shown below, perching in a spray of golden poppies. From its beautiful coast to its giant redwoods, California has natural wonders in abundance.

Colorado's lark bunting and delicate columbine are arranged in an artful spray. Visitors to Colorado are awed by majestic mountains. Katherine Lee Bates, the composer of "America the Beautiful" was inspired to write the song from her view from Pikes Peak.
California   Colorado


Available in four sizes:
6.34"X11.80" and 5.03"X9.40" and 3.65"X6.83" and 3.74"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
6.85"X11.78" and 5.48"X9.40" and 4.00"X6.85" and 3.87"X3.11"

Connecticut is the home to the robin, mountain laurel, and the first telephone directory. Published in 1878, the New Haven telephone book contained 50 names.

Delaware is one of a few states that features a bird that doesn't fly (very well). The blue hen chicken is shown below, among Delaware's state flower, peach blossoms. Delaware is one of our smallest states. It's 96 miles long, and at its narrowest point, is only 9 miles wide.
Connecticut   Delaware


Available in four sizes:
6.62"X11.78" and 5.30"X9.40" and 3.86"X6.84" and 3.86"X3.50"

  Available in four sizes:
6.96"X11.79" and 5.59"X9.41" and 4.05"X6.84" and 2.72"X3.86"

Florida's mockingbird nestles in orange blossoms. This sunny state is the home of Gatorade, the world's largest strawberry shortcake, and Saint John's River - one of the world's few rivers to flow north, not south.

Named after King George the II, Georgia's official emblems are the brown thrasher and Cherokee rose. This state is known for producing the three Ps: peanuts, pecans, and peaches.
Florida   Georgia


Available in four sizes:
6.85"X10.59" and 5.85"X9.05" and 4.44"X6.87" and 3.16"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
6.66"X11.71" and 5.33"X9.37" and 3.89"X6.84" and 3.84"X3.43"

Hawaii's nene goose is the official bird, and the beautiful hibiscus is the flower. This state is the southernmost in the United States, and is also the widest. It produces more macadamia nuts and orchids than anywhere else in the world.

Idaho's mountain bluebird perches in syringa, also known as mock orange. As well as being known for great potatoes, Idaho is also home to the largest sand dune, standing at 470 feet high.
Hawaii   Idaho


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.03" and 5.86"X9.20" and 4.38"X6.86" and 3.16"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X10.70" and 5.86"X8.92" and 4.48"X6.85" and 3.86"X3.47"

The red cardinal and blue violet represent the state of Illinois. The state is home to the first McDonald's, the first skyscraper, and the tallest building in North America.

Indiana's state bird is also the cardinal. It's shown below, nestled in soft pink peonies. Along with being the home of the famous auto race, Indiana is also the place where Lewis and Clark begin their journey to explore the Northwest Territory.
Illinois   Indiana


Available in four sizes:
6.27"X11.79" and 5.03"X9.40" and 3.68"X6.84" and 3.87"X3.79"

  Available in four sizes:
6.74"X11.80" and 5.36"X9.40" and 3.92"X6.86" and 3.85"X3.84"

Iowa's eastern goldfinch is bright and colorful against the wild rose. Home to Quaker Oats, Maynard Reece, Donna Reed, and Herbert Hoover, the state is the only one whose name starts with two vowels.

Kansas boasts the western meadowlark and sunflower, representing a bright and cheery outlook. The state is the birthplace to many famous folks: Hattie McDaniel, Amelia Earhart, and Buster Keaton. In an average year, Kansas produces more than 400 million bushels of wheat, enough to make more than 32 billion loaves of bread.
Iowa   Kansas


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.20" and 5.89"X9.40" and 4.31"X6.88" and 3.00"X3.84"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X10.72" and 5.85"X8.93" and 4.51"X6.87" and 3.85"X3.84"

Kentucky's cardinal is bright red, contrasting against the soft yellow goldenrod. As well as being known for horse racing, Kentucky is also the place where the first cheeseburger was served, and the place where Colonel Sanders opened his first chicken restaurant. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky. They were born one year and less than 100 miles apart.

The eastern brown pelican and the magnolia represent the state of Louisiana. Named after King Louis XIV, it's the only state that incorporates the Napoleonic Code on its lawbooks. It's home to both the crawfish and the frog capital of the world.
Kentucky   Louisiana


Available in four sizes:
6.88"X11.38" and 5.70"X9.41" and 4.18"X6.88" and 3.43"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
6.96"X10.67" and 5.80"X8.88" and 4.46"X6.83" and 3.16"X3.86"

Maine's black-capped chickadee is featured among the state flower -- pine cone and tassel. The state is the largest producer of blueberries in the United States, as well as the largest producer of lobsters -- and the largest producer of toothpicks, too!

Maryland's Baltimore oriole blends perfectly with the black-eyed susans. Home to the United States Naval Academy, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken Jr., and the Skipjacks.
Maine   Maryland


Available in four sizes:
6.81"X11.78" and 5.49"X9.39" and 4.01"X6.85" and 3.85"X3.17"

  Available in four sizes:
6.16"X11.80" and 4.90"X9.40" and 3.59"X6.86" and 3.86"X3.74"

Massachusetts' black-capped chickadee perches in delicate mayflower. It's the birthplace of John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, volleyball, and Fig Newtons.

Michigan's emblems are the robin and the apple blossom. It's the only place in the world where you'll find a floating post office. The boat is called J.W. Westcott II, and for more than 125 years it has been delivering mail to ships.
Massachusetts   Michigan


Available in four sizes:
6.94"X11.76" and 5.50"X9.41" and 4.02"X6.86" and 3.86"X2.60"

  Available in four sizes:
6.25"X11.80" and 4.96"X9.40" and 3.63"X6.85" and 3.19"X3.85"

Mississippi's state bird is the mockingbird, and its flower is the magnolia. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo in 1935. Along with being the birthplace of great music and musicians, Mississippi also holds the origins of Memorial Day. It began at Friendship Cemetery in Columbus.

Missouri's eastern bluebird perches prettily among the state's official flower, the hawthorn. Missouri is known as the "Show Me State." Legend has it that Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver coined the phrase when he said "I'm from Missourah, and you've got to show me." That was in 1899. Five years later, at the St. Louis World's Fair, an ice cream vendor and waffle vendor teamed up to show the world what the two could do. The result? Ice cream cones!
Mississippi   Missouri


Available in four sizes:
6.95"X10.68" and 5.84"X8.95" and 4.45"X6.83" and 3.87"X3.53"

  Available in four sizes:
6.98"X10.92" and 5.85"X9.18" and 4.38"X6.84" and 3.85"X3.73"

Montana's bitterroot and western meadowlark perfectly represent the hearty and rugged beauty of the state. Visitors to Montana will see a lot of wildlife: elk, trumpeter swans, golden eagles, common loons, antelope, deer, snow geese, pelicans, moose, grizzly bears -- the list goes on and on!

Nebraska also has the western meadowlark as its state bird. Its state flower is the goldenrod. Nebraska was once called "The Great American Desert." It has more miles of river than any other state. Don't miss the Kolache Festival in Prague -- yum!
Montana   Nebraska


Available in four sizes:
6.16"X11.77" and 4.86"X9.41" and 3.57"X6.86" and 2.67"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.41" and 5.74"X9.40" and 4.18"X6.87" and 3.81"X3.86"

Nevada's mountain bluebird is bright against the desert sagebrush. The state primarily desert, but also has the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The word "Nevada" means "snow-clad," as the mountains have snow for half the year.

New Hampshire's purple finch and lilac are a delightful combination. The "Live Free or Die" state was the first to declare its independence from England, six months before the other colonies signed the Declaration of Independence.
Nevada   New Hampshire


Available in four sizes:
6.87"X11.80" and 5.46"X9.41" and 4.00"X6.85" and 3.74"X3.84"

  Available in four sizes:
6.79"X11.76" and 5.39"X9.41" and 3.94"X6.84" and 3.86"X3.00"

New Jersey is represented by the goldfinch and purple violet. The state is the most densely populated one of all 50. It's the birthplace of Bon Jovi, Jason Alexander, Aaron Burr, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and Jack Nicholson. And, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, record player, and movie projector in Menlo Park!

New Mexico's roadrunner pauses briefly by the yucca flowers. At 7,000 feet above sea level, Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the United States. It's the home of colorful hot air balloon festivals, big enchiladas, green chiles, and the Rio Grande.
New Jersey   New Mexico


Available in four sizes:
6.28"X11.73" and 5.03"X9.39" and 3.68"X6.84" and 3.87"X3.80"

  Available in four sizes:
6.98"X10.62" and 5.84"X8.92" and 4.44"X6.82" and 3.54"X3.84"

New York chose the rose as its state flower in 1955, and it's joined by the bluebird. Known for music, theatre, the Catskills, and the world's smallest church, New York visitors are never short of things to do and see.

North Carolina's cardinal nestles in dogwood petals. Besides the cardinal, the state is home to other famous flyers: the Wright Brothers. Along with beautiful lighthouses and beaches, North Carolina also holds the delectable breakfast item: Krispy Kreme donuts.
New York   North Carolina


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X10.94" and 5.85"X9.11" and 4.40"X6.85" and 3.83"X3.15"

  Available in four sizes:
6.98"X10.86" and 5.82"X9.05" and 4.41"X6.86" and 2.79"X3.86"

North Dakota's emblems are the western meadowlark and the prairie rose. Nobody knows if North or South Dakota is the 40th state admitted to the union; the paperwork was shuffled to be random. The state name is a Sioux word meaning "friends."

Ohio's emblems are both red: cardinal and carnation. It's the state that had the first ambulance service, first traffic light, first cash register, and first professional baseball team.
North Dakota   Ohio


Available in four sizes:
6.97"X11.14" and 5.81"X9.28" and 4.31"X6.88" and 3.87"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
6.98"X11.29" and 5.81"X9.41" and 4.23"X6.84" and 3.82"X3.83"

Oklahoma's scissor-tailed flycatcher perches in delicate mistletoe. Oklahoma is the the home of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, the birthplace of the shopping cart, and the place where the World Championship Cow Chip Throw occurs each April.

Oregon's western meadowlark perches in the state flower, the Oregon grape. Oregon is the only state to have a different design on the backside of its flag (it's a beaver). Rivers, gorges, sea caves, beaches, cliffs, forests, mountains -- Oregon has magnificent scenery, and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.
Oklahoma   Oregon


Available in four sizes:
6.97"X10.63" and 5.81"X8.86" and 4.51"X6.86" and 3.16"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
6.86"X11.80" and 5.47"X9.40" and 4.01"X6.88" and 3.86"X3.80"

Pennsylvania's state bird is the ruffed grouse, and its state flower is the mountain laurel. Hershey, Pennsylvania is considered the chocolate capital of the United States. Other firsts include the first computer (1946), first daily newspaper (1784), and first baseball stadium (1909).

Rhode Island's state bird is the Rhode Island red, and the flower is the violet. It's the smallest state in the United States. Its full name is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." The state was founded by Roger Williams, who was banished from the Plymouth settlement because he had "extreme views" about freedom of speech, and religion.
Pennsylvania   Rhode Island


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.37" and 5.79"X9.40" and 4.22"X6.84" and 3.86"X3.49"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.74" and 5.61"X9.40" and 4.10"X6.86" and 3.61"X3.86"

South Carolina's state bird is the great Carolina wren, and the flower is the Carolina Jessamine. It's a big producer of peaches, and has the largest gingko farm in the world.

South Dakota - great faces, and great places! Its bird is the ring-necked pheasant, and its official flower is the pasqueflower. Gutzon Borglum began carving Mount Rushmore in 1927; it took 14 years and a million dollars to finish. Today it's one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.
South Carolina   South Dakota


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.11" and 5.86"X9.26" and 4.35"X6.86" and 3.86"X3.48"

  Available in four sizes:
6.99"X10.18" and 5.86"X8.56" and 4.70"X6.85" and 3.86"X3.85"

Tennessee is represented by the iris and mockingbird. Famous people from Tennessee include Davy Crockett, Minnie Pearl, Alex Haley, and Hattie Caraway, the first woman United States senator.

Texas, the Lone Star State, is represented by the mockingbird and bluebonnet. Six flags have flown over Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States. Texas is big - BIG! The King Ranch is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island.
Tennessee   Texas


Available in four sizes:
6.88"X10.97" and 5.82"X9.15" and 4.38"X6.88" and 2.86"X3.84"

  Available in four sizes:
6.50"X11.75" and 5.20"X9.40" and 3.81"X6.89" and 3.40"X3.85"

Utah's state bird is the gull, and its state flower is the sego lily. In the middle of Utah you'll find a city called "Levan." It's "Navel" spelled backwards. Utah's state symbol is the beehive, symbolizing thrift, industry, and productivity.

Vermont is represented by the hermit thrush and red clover. Great things hail from the state of Vermont, including maple syrup, IBM, snow golf (invented by Rudyard Kipling), and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Utah   Vermont


Available in four sizes:
6.96"X11.13" and 5.88"X9.41" and 4.29"X6.86" and 3.39"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.47" and 5.75"X9.40" and 4.17"X6.83" and 3.84"X3.38"

Virginia also has the cardinal and dogwood as its state emblems. The state was named after Elizabeth I, the "Virgin Queen." Virginia holds Jamestown, the first English settlement in the United States, as well as acres and acres of tobacco crops.

Washington's emblems are the goldfinch and rhododendron. This state produces more apples than any other states, has the world's largest building (Boeing), and saw the first revolving restaurant in 1961.

Virginia   Washington
Available in four sizes:
6.98"X10.86" and 5.82"X9.05" and 4.41"X6.86" and 2.79"X3.86"
  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X10.99" and 5.97"X9.40" and 4.37"X6.86" and 3.86"X3.80"

West Virginia also has the rhododendron as its official flower. Its state bird is the cardinal. Seventy-five percent of the state is covered by thick forests. It's the home of Mother's Day (1908), the first free mail delivery (1896), and the first sales tax (1921).

Wisconsin's robin nestles in purple wood violets. Visitors to the Badger State can enjoy a tour of The House on the Rock, frolic at the water parks in the Wisconsin Dells, taste fresh cheese curds, and participate in the Birkebeiner, a 52K cross-country ski race.

West Virginia   Wisconsin


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.08" and 5.81"X9.12" and 4.37"X6.86" and 3.64"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
6.32"X11.79" and 5.03"X9.40" and 3.68"X6.85" and 3.87"X3.33"

Wyoming's emblems are the western meadowlark and Indian paintbrush. Wyoming is home to Yellowstone and Devil's Tower, two popular tourists attractions. Wyoming has the lowest population of all the 50 states, and was the first to give women the right to vote.


Available in four sizes:
7.01"X11.28" and 5.86"X9.40" and 4.25"X6.85" and 3.19"X3.86"

In 1782 the Bald Eagle was chosen to represent the United States. The qualities and characteristics include long life, great strength, and majestic looks.

In 1986 the rose became the official flower of the United States. Below is a design that blends the two into a beautiful medley. Combine the design with the words from the National Anthem and incorporate onto a wall hanging, quilt, tote bag, or framed piece.


United States Eagle and Rose   United States National Anthem


Available in four sizes:
6.99"X10.99" and 5.86"X9.24" and 4.35"X6.86" and 3.65"X3.86"

  Available in three sizes:
6.99"X8.00" and 5.86"X6.73" and 4.86"X5.54"

The National Anthem design is also available in three larger sizes, containing 2 split files. The approximate finished sizes and file dimensions
are listed below.

Contains 2 files smaller than: 11.00"X6.32"
Finished Size (Lg): 11.00"X12.43"

Contains 2 files smaller than: 9.41"X5.43"
Finished Size (Md): 9.41"X10.72"

Contains 2 files smaller than: 6.79"X3.90"

Finished Size (Sm): 6.79"X7.77"

U.S. Birds & Blooms Design Packs

If you'd like all the state medley designs, you can order 'em in a quick-buy design pack! The largest three sizes contain 52 designs and the small pack contains 50 designs (national anthem not included), priced at only $79.97!

Click on a link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket!
The pack is available in 4 sizes:

**XL - Designs smaller than 7.0"x11.8"
**Lg  - Designs smaller than 6"x10"
**Md  - Designs smaller than 5"x7"
**Sm  -  Designs smaller than 4"x4"

Canada's Bird & Bloom Medleys

Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories, and each is represented by an official bird and flower. We celebrate Canada's beauty, and the upcoming holiday of Canada Day, with bird and flower medley designs!

Alberta's emblems are the wild rose and great horned owl. The province is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Alberta is diverse with mountains, forests, and prairie, and wildlife lovers will see buffalo, grizzly and black bears, coyotes, wolves, fox, lynx, and mountain lions.

British Columbia is represented by the Pacific dogwood and Steller's jay. It holds seven national parks, including Glacier National Park, Mount Revelstoke National Park, Pacific Rim National Park, and Yoho National Park. Much of British Columbia is still wild, so it has become a haven for deer, elk, moose, caribou, and bighorn sheep.
Alberta   British Columbia


Available in four sizes:
6.98"X10.81" and 5.85"X9.09" and 4.43"X6.88" and 3.52"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
6.73"X11.72" and 5.40"X9.41" and 3.92"X6.85" and 3.85"X3.66"

Manitoba's emblems are the Prairie Crocus and Great Grey Owl. The province is relatively flat, with more than 100,000 lakes. The word "manitoba" means "lake of the prairies." The city of Churchill is known as the "Polar Bear Capital." Other animals include moose, deer, wolves, and peregrine falcons.

New Brunswick's chickadee nestles in purple violets. The scenery in this province is amazing, from the Fundy Coastal Drive to the Acadian Coastal Drive, to the Miramichi River Route, and Appalachian Range.
Manitoba   New Brunswick
Available in four sizes:
6.99"X11.54" and 5.69"X9.40" and 4.15"X6.84" and 3.14"X3.85"
  Available in four sizes:
6.27"X11.69" and 5.04"X9.40" and 3.68"X6.85" and 3.87"X2.86"

Newfoundland and Labrador selected the pitcher plant and Atlantic puffin as its emblem. It's the easternmost province of Canada, and was visited long ago by Leif Ericson. This province consists of Labrador, which is part of mainland Canada, and Newfoundland, which is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. More than 7,000 small islands are also included in this province.

Northwest Territories sounds pretty in English, but even prettier in French: les Territoires du Nord-Ouest. This territory holds the mountain avens and gyrfalcon as its emblems. NWT features Great Bear Lake, the largest lake in Canada. Also included is Mount Nirvana, and the remote Victoria Island.
Newfoundland & Labrador   Northwest Territories


Available in four sizes:
6.90"X11.78" and 5.52"X9.41" and 4.02"X6.85" and 3.27"X3.85"

  Available in four sizes:
6.97"X10.27" and 5.81"X8.56" and 4.66"X6.85" and 3.73"X3.86"

Nova Scotia holds the mayflower and osprey as its emblems. This province of Canada is a large peninsula with countless bays and estuaries. Many artists have hailed from Nova Scotia, including Thomas Chandler Haliburton, Alister MacLeod, Denny Doherty, Anne Murray, and Sarah McLachlan.

Nunavut is the largest territory of Canada, and its emblems are the purple saxifrage and rock ptarmigan. The word "nunavut" is an Inuktitut word that means "Our Land." Nunavut has one of the most unique license plates in the world: it's in the shape of a polar bear.
Nova Scotia   Nunavut Territory


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.36" and 5.78"X9.40" and 4.23"X6.87" and 3.86"X3.80"

  Available in four sizes:
7.01"X11.17" and 5.84"X9.31" and 4.31"X6.85" and 3.21"X3.86"

Ontario's official emblems are the white trillium and common loon. The word "Ontario" is a Huron word that means "Great Lake." The province contains more than a quarter million freshwater lakes.

The blue jay and lady's slipper are the official bird and flower of Prince Edward Island. This province is the smallest of Canada's provinces, both in land area and population. It's also known as the "Garden of the Gulf," due to its beautiful scenery and farmland.
Ontario   Prince Edward Island


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X10.97" and 5.86"X9.15" and 4.41"X6.89" and 3.61"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.27" and 5.84"X9.41" and 4.25"X6.86" and 3.68"X3.86"

The blue flag iris and snowy owl represent Quebec. The word "quebec" is based on an Algonquin word that means "where the river narrows." The Saint Lawrence River narrows to a small gap near Quebec City. Quebec borders four US states: Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.

Saskatchewan chose the western red lily and sharp-tailed grouse as its emblems. This province gets more sunshine than any other Canadian province. Much of it is prairie, and Saskatchewan grows canola, wheat, flax, rye, oats, peas, and lentils. Other industries include beef cattle, oil, and natural gas.
Quebec   Saskatchewan


Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.05" and 5.86"X9.22" and 4.33"X6.83" and 3.32"X3.86"

  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.74" and 5.61"X9.40" and 4.11"X6.83" and 3.12"X3.85"

Yukon's emblems are the fireweed and common raven. Yukon is the smallest of Canada's territories, and the word "yukon" means "great river" in Gwich'in. The area holds beautiful (and cold!) snow-melt lakes, and snow-capped mountains. 1897 saw the Klondike Gold Rush, and other mining includes lead, zinc, silver, and copper. 


Available in four sizes:
6.08"X11.75" and 4.86"X9.40" and 3.55"X6.85" and 3.05"X3.85"

Canada doesn't have an official bird, but the unofficial one is the common loon. The maple leaf adorns the flag. We've blended the two together into a medley to represent Canada, along with the words to Canada's anthem.
Canada   National Anthem


Available in four sizes:
7.01"X10.75" and 5.86"X8.97" and 4.47"X6.84" and 3.86"X3.34"

  Available in three sizes:
7.00"X10.50" and 5.86"X8.79" and 4.57"X6.85"

The National Anthem design is also available in three larger sizes, containing 2 split files. The approximate finished sizes and file dimensions
are listed below.

Contains 2 files smaller than: 9.58"X7.54"
Finished Size (Lg): 9.58"X14.25"

Contains 2 files smaller than: 8.01"X6.31"
Finished Size (Md): 8.01"X11.91"

Contains 2 files smaller than: 6.65"X5.23"
Approx. Finished Size (Sm): 6.65"X9.88"

Canadian Birds & Blooms Design Packs

You can order the designs individually by clicking the links above, or buy them all in a design pack! The largest three sizes of the pack contain 16 designs, and the small pack contains 14 designs (national anthem not included), priced at only $24.97!

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The pack is available in 4 sizes:

**XL - Designs smaller than 7.0"x11.8"
**Lg  - Designs smaller than 6"x10"
**Md  - Designs smaller than 5"x7"
**Sm  -  Designs smaller than 4"x4"

It's crafty and collectible! 2011 is a year to celebrate crafting and all the joy that it brings to our lives. To celebrate our love of sewing and embroidery, a new Crafty Collectibles design will be offered every Wednesday in 2011. Check this space every week to see the new design!

This week's Crafty Collectible is: Stars-n-Stitches Forever

We're getting ready for the 4th of July by being a little crafty with red, white, and blue. This week's Crafty Collectible features a star composed of stitched buttons, in different shades of the national colors.

Available in two sizes:
5.08"X4.87" and 3.86"X3.70"

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