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NEW THIS WEEK - April 30th, 2014

This week's new designs make up the most recent edition of Request-fest, featuring crafty and creative design requests from stitchers all over the world.

The variety is amazing! Flower and bird collages, animal print floral squares, a new lighthouse, Texas longhorns, juicy one-color grapes, and adorable floppy-eared goats are just part of this incredible collection. And, there's a new addition to the On the Edge designs: sock monkeys!

Scroll down the page to find all of these excellent new designs!

Cozy hooded bath towels are even more adorable with On the Edge designs! Project instructions are available for stitch-filled and applique designs.

Sock Monkeys on the Edge

Sock monkey lovers, this is your lucky day! JaneAnn had the outstanding idea for On the Edge designs featuring a girl sock monkey and a boy sock monkey. Stitch their sweet smiles and bright eyes onto the edges of towels, bibs, and quilts blocks for a completely fabulous look that kids and adults will adore. Project instructions show how easy it is to place and stitch these designs on the borders of fabric.
Sock Monkey - Girl   Sock Monkey - Boy
Available in three sizes:
8.50" x 5.00" and 6.84" x 4.03" and 3.86" x 2.27"
  Available in three sizes:
8.50" x 5.09" and 6.84" x 4.09" and 3.86" x 2.31"

On the Edge sock monkeys are available in applique, too! Use fabric from your stash for a unique set of sock monkeys unlike any other in the world. See the step-by-step project instructions to stitch and place these irresistible little monkeys. Perfect for the nursery!
Sock Monkey - Girl (Applique)   Sock Monkey - Boy (Applique)
Available in three sizes:
8.50" x 4.87" and 6.88" x 3.94" and 3.87" x 2.21"
  Available in three sizes:
8.50" x 5.07" and 6.88" x 4.11" and 3.87" x 2.30"

Free article about finding embroidery blanks.
The growing collection of popular stitch-filled and applique On the Edge designs includes a wide range of animals, from alligators and cows to ducks and dogs!

This week's projects demonstrate how to make a hooded bath towel using embroidered and applique designs. They're a fun way to wrap up kids after a bath!

You can also embroider these stitch-filled and applique designs onto the edge of towels for a fun addition to the bathroom. Or, add On the Edge designs to bibs for a very sweet look.

Other places for On the Edge designs are blankets, quilts, T-shirts, wall hangings, and pillow covers. There are so many ways to use these fun designs!

Tulips in Mason Jar

Carolyn loved the idea of tulips blooming from a Mason jar, and here they are! Embroider the colors of the spring rainbow onto quilts, pillow covers, wall hangings, and framed wall art for an outstanding addition to home decor projects.
Available in three sizes:
6.90" x 7.52" and 5.80" x 6.35" and 4.85" x 5.32"

Dandelion Collage

Stitch the growth cycle of a dandelion in this naturalistic collage. Penny requested a medley of dandelions, with buds, blossoms, and seeds showing every stage of a dandelion's life. Wild and beautiful on tote bags, towels, wall hangings, pillow shams, and more!
Available in four sizes:
8.39" x 11.75" and 6.90" x 9.67" and 5.57" x 7.80" and 4.90" x 6.86"

Brighten towels, potholders, and table linens with these sunny emblems of summer.
Available in two sizes:
3.68" x 3.69" and 2.15" x 2.16"
  Available in two sizes:
4.59" x 4.72" and 2.68" x 2.76"

A dandelion's seeds blow gracefully in the wind. Make a wish! And stitch onto pillow covers and wall hangings for a nostalgic bit of childhood.
Available in two sizes:
4.54" x 4.77" and 3.67" x 3.84"

Wild Flowers

Inspired by the Sassy Sunflowers, Beth requested more flowers blossoming from animal print frames. The combination of fresh blooms and animal prints makes a "wild flower" garden unlike any other you'll ever see! Add eye-catching focal points to pillow shams, tote bags, wall hangings, quilts, and more with these magnificent designs.
Peonies and Snow Leopard Print    Calla Lilies and Giraffe Print 
Available in five sizes:
7.80" x 7.65" and 7.03" x 6.90" and 5.98" x 5.86" and 4.96" x 4.87" and 3.90" x 3.83"
  Available in five sizes:
7.46" x 7.57" and 6.74" x 6.83" and 5.79" x 5.87" and 4.82" x 4.88" and 3.77" x 3.82"

Create a lush tropical look in any room! The hibiscus and leopard print square, and the wild rose and pony print version, are beautiful on pillow covers, quilt blocks, wall hangings, and more.
Hibiscus and Leopard Print     Wild Rose and Pony Print  
Available in five sizes:
7.49" x 7.49" and 6.77" x 6.77" and 5.81" x 5.81" and 4.83" x 4.83" and 3.77" x 3.77"
  Available in five sizes:
7.59" x 7.50" and 6.85" x 6.77" and 5.80" x 5.73" and 4.82" x 4.76" and 3.79" x 3.74"

Charlevoix South Pier Light - Michigan

The Charlevoix South Pier Light is located on Lake Michigan at the entrance to Lake Charlevoix. Anna requested a design featuring this distinguished lighthouse, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its distinctive profile rising from the rocks is a handsome addition to quilts, wall hangings, and towels.
Available in three sizes:
5.85" x 7.40" and 4.87" x 6.13" and 3.02" x 3.84"

American Kestrel Collage

The American Kestrel, also sometimes called the Sparrow Hawk, is a small falcon, and the only kestrel native to the Americas. The most common falcon in North America, it is found in a wide variety of habitats. Make your home a habitat for this stunning bird, requested by Karin.
Available in four sizes:
8.29" x 11.74" and 6.88" x 9.75" and 5.50" x 7.79" and 4.84" x 6.86"

With wings outspread, an American Kestrel is captured in full flight. On the right, a pair of kestrels rest on a branch before heading out on the hunt. Simply gorgeous on quilts, wall hangings, and more!
Available in two sizes:
4.64" x 3.97" and 3.09" x 2.64"
  Available in two sizes:
4.99" x 4.84" and 3.31" x 3.21"

This design gives a good idea of the rich and varied plumage of the American Kestrel. It may be the smallest raptor in America, but it is very big on style and beauty.
Available in two sizes:
4.44" x 5.05" and 3.13" x 3.55"


Dee requested the Black Witch Moth and White Witch Moth, and their ethereal elegance is a gorgeous subject for embroidery. Delicate wings are decorated with subtle colors and intricate detail. Recreate these natural masterpieces on towels, quilts, tote bags, and more!
Available in four sizes:
7.80" x 7.54" and 7.09" x 6.86" and 6.06" x 5.85" and 5.02" x 4.86" 

Let a White Witch Moth land on home decor and apparel for a uniquely graceful look.
Available in three sizes:
7.80" x 6.54" and 6.97" x 5.85" and 5.78" x 4.85"

Simply Grapes

Simply Cherries were a hit with Debra for their bright, juicy look and their fast one-color stitching. She suggested a version with grapes, and the result is a tasty bunch of designs sure to add flavor to kitchen towels, aprons, table linens, grocery totes, and more.
Available in three sizes:
6.83" x 7.80" and 5.85" x 6.69" and 4.83" x 5.52"

Bring a splash of color to kitchen and dining room linens with a bunch of perfectly ripe grapes. This design has been formatted for the Endless Hoop; may also be used in standard hoops.
Available in four sizes:
11.75" x 5.85" and 9.41" x 4.68" and 7.80" x 3.88" and 5.98" x 3.45"

Run a fresh grape border on aprons, placemats, flour sack towels, and more. This design has been formatted for the Endless Hoop; may also be used in standard hoops.
Available in five sizes:
11.75" x 4.04" and 9.40" x 3.24" and 7.80" x 2.68" and 6.00" x 2.49" and 3.85" x 1.67"

A corner and accent are ideal for stitching onto tea towels, linen napkins, and potholders!
Available in three sizes:
5.88" x 5.86" and 4.87" x 4.86" and 3.87" x 3.87"
  Available in one size:
3.17" x 3.87"

Simply Grapes Design Packs

Harvest all the Simply Grapes designs - and get the best price - when you purchase the design pack. A variety of sizes and shapes make these fast one-color designs as versatile as they are attractive on towels, aprons, potholders, table linens, and much more.

Simply Grapes Design Packs

The designs are sold singly (use the links above), or get several in a pack! Four sizes are available to suit your projects. Click on a link to a pack to see the designs included and to add the pack to your basket.

The pack is available in 4 sizes:

**XL - 11 designs smaller than 7" x 11.8"
**Lg - 11 designs smaller than 6" x 10"
**Md - 10 designs smaller than 7.9" x 7.9"
**Sm - 7 designs smaller than 5" x 7"

Nubian Goats

Earline is a fan of Nubian goats, a breed of goat originally from the Middle East and North Africa. Its characteristics include large, floppy ears and a round nose referred to as a "Roman" nose. Because of its long ears, the Nubian's nicknames include "lop-eared goat," "rabbit goat," and "greyhound goat". No matter what you call them, these goats are a handsome species and will bring a distinct look to quilts, wall hangings, tote bags, and more.
Available in four sizes:
7.80" x 7.50" and 7.16" x 6.90" and 6.08" x 5.87" and 5.04" x 4.87"

Full-color Nubian goats are impressively realistic, right down to the swirls in their coats and their inquisitive expressions. Bring their unique appeal to your next project!
Available in three sizes:
6.02" x 5.85" and 5.01" x 4.85" and 3.88" x 3.77" 
  Available in three sizes:
6.58" x 5.85" and 5.46" x 4.85" and 3.86" x 3.45"

This sweet-faced goat is a natural addition to quilts, wall hangings, sweatshirts, and more.
Available in three sizes:
6.05" x 5.86" and 5.01" x 4.86" and 3.89" x 3.77"

Create a fun farm animal quilt for kids with the Nubian goat in silhouette and the other fast and fabulous Farm Animal Silhouettes.
Available in three sizes:
5.86" x 6.04" and 4.85" x 5.00" and 3.74" x 3.86"
  Available in three sizes:
5.86" x 6.02" and 4.81" x 4.95" and 3.86" x 3.96"

One-color silhouette animals are stunning on shirts, totes, quilts, and more. These designs use negative space, meaning the fabric will show through the white spaces. Ashley thought the fox would be a good subject for silhouettes, and she was right!
Available in three sizes:
5.86" x 6.19" and 4.84" x 5.11" and 3.65" x 3.86"
  Available in three sizes:
9.41" x 5.78" and 6.87" x 4.22" and 3.86" x 2.38"

Texas Longhorn Sketch

Stitch the mighty Texas Longhorn in just three colors! Cindy requested a sketched medley of these massive animals and their distinctive horns, which can grow to extend 7 feet tip to tip. Dress up tote bags, towels, wall hangings, and more with this characteristic symbol of Texas.
Available in three sizes:
8.94" x 6.90" and 7.58" x 5.85" and 6.34" x 4.86"

Special Request of the Week

One more request is a special request of the week from Kathy! She suggested designing the Pomeranian in silhouette and sketch form. Pomeranians are very intelligent dogs that love to please. They have outgoing personalities and loads of energy, and love lots of attention from their people. The one-color silhouette and tri-color sketch of these sweet faces are eye-catching on tote bags, towels, wall hangings, and more! Thanks for the great idea, Kathy!
Available in three sizes:
5.85" x 7.02" and 4.84" x 5.80" and 3.22" x 3.86"
  Available in four sizes:
7.66" x 7.79" and 6.90" x 7.01" and 5.87" x 5.99" and 4.88" x 4.97"