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NEW THIS WEEK - March 18th, 2009

Teddy Bear Nation

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In 1902, President Teddy Roosevelt went on a hunting trip in Mississippi, and refused to shoot a bear. That trip made the national headlines, and The Washington Post ran an editorial cartoon showing the President standing near a little bear cub.

Morris Michtom, an energetic entrepreneur in Brooklyn, saw the cartoon and set about making a stuffed bear. He placed it in his store window with a sign that named it "Teddy's Bear."

And that's how the teddy bear craze was born -- a craze that has lasted for more than a century. Between Michtom's efforts and the designs of German inventor Richard Steiff, the "teddy bear" became something that no one could live without.

The teddy bear is a baby's first gift, a child's most trusted friend, and one of the most cherished items that a college kid takes from home to cozy up their dorm room. It's one of the few pieces from childhood that we'll keep for decades, and treasured as a family heirloom. And perhaps most important:
It doesn't matter how old we are. Seeing a little stuffed bear always makes us feel young at heart.

 This Drawstring Toy Bag is perfect for keeping toys and books in one place. The drawstring also makes this bag a perfect travel accessory! Click here for free project instructions!

Teddy Bear Tales

A trio of teddy bears enjoy their favorite pastime: a picnic! Mama and Papa bear enjoy
cookies and a cool glass of lemonade. Other "bearable" treats include cherry pie, apples,
and a jar of honey.

Available in two sizes:
7.95"X5.86" and 6.52"X4.82"

Belinda and Bobby bear spend an afternoon playing in a costume trunk.
Once this pair get all dressed up, you can "bearly" recognize them!

Available in two sizes:
9.41"X5.79" and 6.85"X4.23"

"Beary" best friends enjoy a quiet nighttime moment, gazing at a crescent moon.
Wonderful as a centerpiece to a quilt, or a framed piece, to celebrate anniversaries
and weddings.


Available in two sizes:
5.86"X6.65" and 4.86"X5.49"

Animals in Pajamas - with Teddy Bears!

They're back, by popular demand! Twelve new Animals in Pajamas, each wearing pjs
that reflect their unique nature, are captured having fun with their own stuffed pals. These
sweet and colorful designs are fantastic on bibs, towels, quilts, and nursery items. To see
more Animals in Pajamas, including the "originals," click here!

This little bear, wearing bee-patterned
pajamas, clings to his teddy bear pal.
  Gabriel Gator sports a pair of bird-patterned
pajamas, and balances his stuffed toy on his nose.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X6.27" and 3.01"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
6.85"X3.80" and 3.85"X2.13"

Lyle Lemur, wearing leaf-patterned jammies,
clutches his stuffed ring-tailed lemur.

  Patty Puppy wears a nightshirt with a bone
pattern -- the stuff that dog dreams are made
of! Patty plays with her stuffed toy dog.


Available in two sizes:
6.18"X4.85" and 3.86"X3.01"


Available in two sizes:
6.47"X4.83" and 3.86"X2.90"

There's nothing sweeter than a baby
chimpanzee -- except one wearing banana-
print pajamas, and playing with a stuffed monkey!

  Fawn, wearing flower-print pajamas, naps
with her favorite toy, a stuffed deer.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.96" and 3.15"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
6.85"X4.38" and 3.85"X2.45"

Chester Chipmunk loves his acorn-print
pajamas, almost as much as he loves
his stuffed chipmunk toy!

  Karmen Kangaroo keeps her "teddy roo"
tucked safely in her pocket.


Available in two sizes:
5.16"X4.84" and 3.86"X3.64"


Available in two sizes:
4.88"X4.89" and 3.86"X3.86"

Lester the Leopard keeps a close hold
on his stuffed leopard toy.

  Ryan the Rhino takes his stuffed rhinoceros
toy along for a ride. Ryan is wearing the most
marvelous set of leaf-patterned pajamas!


Available in two sizes:
4.84"X5.83" and 3.20"X3.85"


Available in two sizes:
6.37"X4.86" and 3.86"X2.97"

Zoe Zebra wears her heart on her sleeve,
and her pajamas, as she plays with her
stuffed zebra toy.

  Marleigh Manatee wears fish-print pajamas
as she plays with her stuffed manatee toy.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.13" and 3.64"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
6.85"X3.75" and 3.85"X2.10"

A Animals in Pajamas III Value Pack


Use them in a quilt, on bibs and coordinating t-shirts, wall hangings for the nursery or
bedroom -- anywhere you'd like to add these charming critters! Many creative stitchers
have used Animals in Pajamas designs in delightful projects - click here to get inspired!


Purchase the designs individually by clicking on the links above, or buy the pack of all 12
priced at only $17.97!
Click on an image or link below for the pack, and add it to your basket.



All designs smaller than 5 x 7


All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Bears on Wheels

A teddy bear quickly becomes a child's best friend -- and it's no wonder. Bears can do
anything and everything that a child can imagine! They can soar through the sky, race
through the countryside, and rustle up all kinds of adventures and excitement.

Teddy enjoys scooting along on
his trusty scooter -- wearing a safety
helmet, of course.

  Teddy flies through the sky in his vintage airplane!


Available in two sizes:
3.96"X5.17" and 2.97"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
5.10"X4.84" and 3.85"X3.66"

Teddy is perfectly balanced on his
unicycle. See how smartly he's dressed
in his red bow tie!

  Sunny spring and summer afternoons finds
Teddy racing through the countryside in his
sleek convertible.


Available in two sizes:
3.28"X5.56" and 2.28"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
6.64"X4.83" and 3.85"X2.80"

Teddy rolls along in his little red wagon.
  Warm days means that Teddy can
go for a ride on his tricycle!


Available in two sizes:
4.05"X4.80" and 3.20"X3.79"


Available in two sizes:
4.16"X5.39" and 2.96"X3.85"

Teddy takes a spill while in-line skating.
No problem - he'll get up and try again!

  Teddy races around on his motorcycle,
complete with sidecar.


Available in two sizes:
4.01"X4.15" and 3.17"X3.28"


Available in two sizes:
5.27"X4.84" and 3.86"X3.55"

Teddy is ready to fight fires in his vintage truck!

Available in two sizes:
6.38"X4.86" and 3.85"X2.92"

A Free-Wheelin' Teddy Bears Value Pack


Let your imagination run as wild as Teddy's with ideas for these designs. Stitch them
on quilts for adventurous boys and girls, on bibs, wall hangings for a child's room, and more!


The Free-Wheelin' Teddy Bears design pack contains 9 designs, priced at only $14.97! Click on
an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket.



All designs smaller than 5 x 7


All designs smaller than 4 x 4

A Beary Fashionable Bear

Little ones love exploring the textures of their world. The following applique bear designs
were created with that love in mind. Use a variety of prints, patterns, and fabrics to
create a unique world of "beary sweet" designs for your little ones!

A quilter's cotton, with delicate floral print,
is just the right fit for this Hawaiian shirt.
Cozy fleece was used for the blanket in this
design, to keep the little bear nice and warm.


Available in two sizes:
5.43"X4.86" and 3.85"X3.46"


Available in two sizes:
4.51"X4.11" and 3.86"X3.51"

Splish-splash! Bright yellow rip-stop nylon
helps this bear to play in the puddles.

  Wool felt for the jacket and pants
keeps this bear warm during winter.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.67" and 3.32"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
4.23"X5.27" and 3.12"X3.87"

Sweatshirt fabric and denim turn this
applique bear into a collegiate fashion

  Twill shirt and corduroy pants means
that this bear is ready for the office!


Available in two sizes:
3.30"X5.51" and 2.31"X3.86"


Available in two sizes:
3.93"X5.52" and 2.77"X3.87"

A Beary Fashionable (Applique) Value Pack


Turn the sewouts into a storybook, make blankets and playmats, and stitch them on bibs,
backpacks, and towel sets for the bath! Use a variety of prints, patterns, and fabrics for
unique looks with every stitchout.


The Beary Fashionable (Applique) design pack contains 6 designs, priced at only $9.97! Click on
an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your basket.



All designs smaller than 5 x 7


All designs smaller than 4 x 4




This week we're stitchin' for the kitchen with a new Tea-Time Tweet! Five feathered
friends gather 'round for a mid-afternoon break. Perfect on kitchen linens, and tea towels.


Available in two sizes:
5.87"X8.51" and 4.74"X6.87"

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