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NEW THIS WEEK - March 4th, 2009

Go Green

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"Green" may be the buzzword of the moment, but it's an idea that's as old as time -- taking care of the planet that provides for all our physical needs. Celebrate the green revival with this week's new design collection, and craft a greener future!


Make a statement that's caring and fashionable when you stitch your favorite green messages on reusable grocery totes, shirts, and more. Thirty-five different designs in three sizes each mean you'll find a design to suit all the people you're saving the planet for ... men, women, babies, grandparents, fashionistas, even chocolate lovers.


Celebrate the planet's wonderful diversity of animal species with ten creatures in heirloom applique. From very endangered animals like the beautiful panda bear to success stories like the gray wolf, these creatures of land, sea, and air will find a safe place in your heart.


Earth Day is just around the corner on April 22. Make every day an earth day when you stitch these eco-friendly designs on reusable grocery totes, sweatshirts, and other gifts. And be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the Go Green Tweet of the Week!

Reuse a sweatshirt by turning it into a handy little bag!

 Click here for
free project instructions!


Whimsical and fun, this design surrounds the words "Wrap Yourself in Nature"
with a beautiful butterfly and fresh, stylized leaves. Soft script and block lettering
make this design blissfully fashionable.


Available in three sizes:
6.78"X5.84" and 5.60"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.35"


Show your love for the planet with this tree-hugging design. Two vibrant colors and playfully
curling leaves and branches will bring life to your stitching. Brighten up your own "environment"
with this whimsical heart shape and throw your arms around the earth.


Available in three sizes:
9.18"X5.87" and 6.85"X4.36" and 3.86"X2.47"


 Butterflies, clouds, and stylized swirls surround a message of earth-friendly kindness. -


Available in three sizes:
9.40"X4.90" and 6.85"X3.58" and 3.85"X2.73"


Declare your love for the earth with this simple and symbolic design,
accented with energetic and creative letters.


Available in three sizes:
9.34"X2.28" and 6.87"X1.68" and 3.86"X0.96"


A simple, modern bloom conveys a subtle call to "Go Green."


Available in three sizes:
6.94"X5.85" and 5.74"X4.85" and 3.88"X3.28"


Have a green day! Stitch this cheery and lovable message on sweatshirts, reusable grocery totes, and more for eco-conscious friends and family.


Available in three sizes:
6.05"X5.85" and 5.05"X4.87" and 3.84"X3.71"


Go green - it's the bee's knees! A cheery bee and flower accent this funky design.


Available in three sizes:
8.37"X5.85" and 6.85"X4.81" and 3.86"X2.70"


It's easy being green! Ask the frog and the turtle ... they've been doing it forever.


Available in three sizes:
9.40"X3.33" and 6.86"X2.43" and 3.40"X3.86"


Just in case you needed another reason ... it's the only planet with chocolate!


Available in three sizes:
9.01"X5.81" and 6.81"X4.40" and 3.86"X2.49"


Even the tiniest tree-huggers can get in on the movement with this "green baby" design!
Stitch it on bibs, blankies, and more.


Available in three sizes:
6.71"X5.87" and 5.56"X4.87" and 3.83"X3.35"


Proclaim your identity as a "Green Girl" with this swirling design. Two colors of your choice are all you need for this graceful fashion statement.


Available in three sizes:
9.38"X3.83" and 6.85"X2.80" and 3.86"X1.58"


Perfect for the rugged, outdoorsy type, this "Green Guy" design features evergreen trees and birds
in shades of silvery green. Stitch it on a fleece pullover for hikes in the woods.


Available in three sizes:
9.39"X2.41" and 6.86"X1.77" and 3.86"X1.01"


Make an earth-friendly fashion statement with this design, accented by a funky tree and leaves. -


Available in three sizes:
9.40"X4.26" and 6.82"X3.09" and 3.85"X1.73"


Declare your love for the planet with this funky, swirling design. The stars are digitized
for metallic thread to add a touch of extra sparkle to your stitching.


Available in three sizes:
6.19"X5.86" and 5.11"X4.86" and 3.87"X3.65"


Kids of all ages will smile at this fun, colorful "R is for Recycle" design.

Available in three sizes:
9.35"X4.43" and 6.87"X3.26" and 3.51"X3.86"


Let there be peace on earth. The tree of life appears again and again in cultures around the world as a symbol of the interconnectedness of all things. Stitch this design on totes, shirts, decor, and more.


Available in three sizes:
5.99"X5.87" and 4.96"X4.87" and 3.86"X3.80"


Possibly the most compelling reason to go green: keep the world beautiful for our grandkids
and generations beyond.


Available in three sizes:
8.62"X5.85" and 6.79"X4.62" and 3.82"X2.59"


Plan for the future and go green to make the earth a better place for your kids! Show them you love them when you display this design on shirts, tote bags, and more.


Available in three sizes:
6.74"X5.85" and 5.58"X4.85" and 3.81"X3.30"


Keep the message pure and simple with this "Go Green" design. A classic recycling sign encircles
a heart, proclaiming your love for Mother Earth.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X3.34" and 6.85"X2.44" and 3.86"X1.37"


Trees are people too! OK, not literally. But this silly and playful design is a great way
to show you care about nature.


Available in three sizes:
9.40"X5.76" and 6.85"X4.21" and 3.85"X2.76"


Celebrate the many tropical treasures of the rainforests with this bright design.

Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.74" and 6.86"X3.46" and 3.86"X1.94"


A graceful and intelligent dolphin leaps through the waves, a beautiful reminder
to keep our oceans clean.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.46" and 6.86"X3.26" and 3.86"X1.84"


Make every day Earth day with this playful reminder of the 5 Rs:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, and Restore.


Available in three sizes:
7.89"X5.85" and 6.52"X4.85" and 3.85"X2.87"


Simple and dynamic, this "Go Green" design is a stunner in a rainbow of greens.


Available in three sizes:
8.65"X5.86" and 6.87"X4.67" and 3.87"X2.62"


Put a Celtic or Old English twist on your environmentalism with this "Earth Friendly" design.

Available in three sizes:
9.36"X4.00" and 6.83"X2.92" and 3.86"X1.64"


Encourage others to save the planet with this bold, funky design.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X5.27" and 6.86"X3.85" and 3.86"X2.16"


Whimsical, curling vines frame this clever reminder to recycle.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X3.38" and 6.86"X2.47" and 3.86"X1.39"


Anybody can be "Mister Green"! Stitch these green designs for everyone in the family.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.46" and 6.81"X3.24" and 3.87"X1.87"


A leafy branch frames the name "Mrs. Green" -- go ahead and give yourself the name!


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.44" and 6.81"X3.22" and 3.87"X1.86"


Let "Miss Green" announce her inclinations to the world with this design.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.46" and 6.81"X3.24" and 3.87"X1.86"


Go green: It's a fashion statement that looks good on anyone.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.47" and 6.86"X3.26" and 3.86"X1.81"


Nature rocks! Stitch up a rockin' tee or tote with this playful design.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X4.46" and 6.80"X3.23" and 3.85"X3.60"


Even the youngest greenies can get in on the fun with this playful design.
It's a competition where everybody wins!

Available in three sizes:
9.41"X5.56" and 6.86"X4.06" and 3.85"X3.10"


Now the eco-kids' "mums" can go green with this bold recycling design on onesies, tees,
fabric bags, and more.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X5.56" and 6.86"X4.06" and 3.85"X3.10"


Green dads get their chance to shine in this playfully competitive design.


Available in three sizes:
9.41"X5.56" and 6.86"X4.06" and 3.85"X3.10"

A Go Green Pack


Download all 35 of these "Go Green" designs for less than a dollar a piece and stitch
an eco-friendly grocery tote or cozy sweatshirt for everyone on your list!


Save even more when you purchase all of the Go Green designs in a pack! The Go Green
design pack contains 35 designs. Click on an image or link below to
see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your cart.


All designs smaller than 6 x 10

All designs smaller than 5 x 7

All designs smaller than 4 x 4


Go Green Project Ideas

Go Green Grocery Tote
Stitch a sturdy canvas tote, embellish it with your favorite Go Green designs above, and say craft yourself an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper and plastic shopping bags. This high-quality bag makes a wonderful gift for friends and family.
Click here for project instructions!


Embroidering on Sweatshirts

Embellish a cozy sweatshirt with your favorite Go Green design. They'll make great gifts for eco-friendly people and are perfect for a chilly hike through the woods in early spring. Click here for project instructions!



You could also embroider these designs on T-shirts. Choose a design with lots of open areas, back it with a cutaway stabilizer, and embroider on a thicker, high quality shirt for best results.





Endangered Species Heirloom Applique


Found in the Virunga volcanic mountains of central Africa, the mountain gorilla is a focus of African conservation efforts.


Blue whales are believed to be the largest animal in history.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

The scarlet macaw's colorful feathers are an icon of the American tropics, from Mexico to Brazil. 


The black rhinoceros, found in spots throughout Africa, is recognizable for the one-of-a-kind
horn on its head.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Manatees are "gentle giant" marine mammals
that live mainly on plants in shallow waters.


The giant panda, a beautiful and gentle bamboo eater, has become an emblem of China.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Beautiful large cats, Bengal tigers are a focus of conservation efforts in India and Bangladesh.


The African bush elephant is known for its intelligence and memory.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Once nearly extinct across North America,
the gray wolf has made a comeback thanks
to human protection.


Uniquely adapted for living in cold temperatures, the polar bear moves effortlessly between land and sea.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:


A Endangered Species Heirloom Applique Pack


Purchase all of the Endangered Species designs in a pack and receive an even deeper discount! The Endangered Species Heirloom Applique design pack contains 10 designs.

Click on an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your cart.

All designs smaller than 4 x 4




Even the Tweets are getting in on the Go Green movement! Planting a tree has a special meaning
to these adorable birds, who will live in its branches all year 'round. Armed with trowels and rakes, they're ready to take the environment under their wing! Stitch this conversation-starting design
on a reusable grocery tote, or hang it on the wall and watch your garden grow.


Available in two sizes:
5.87"X9.27" and 4.34"X6.87"

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