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Easter Parade
Easter Parade

NEW THIS WEEK - March 2, 2016

Happy Easter! Celebrate the most egg-citing time of the year with this week's new designs!

Soft and sweet spring animals are terrific on kids' gear and pillows, while colorful eggs shine on Easter decorations. Add a toile spring scene to seasonal projects, or share the spirit of Easter with new cross designs!

Scroll down the page to see these eggs-tra-special Easter designs!

Forgo the Easter basket this year for an adorable on-the-edge tote bag!
Find this bunny design here.

Soft and Sweet Spring

Baby animals stitched alongside light flowers add a soft, sweet look to springtime projects. Add a little bunny to an Easter tote bag, or stitch this cute chick on apparel, and kid's projects, too!
Available in four sizes:
6.91" x 7.41" and 5.86" x 6.29"
4.86" x 5.21" and 3.64" x 3.90"
  Available in four sizes:
6.81" x 6.92" and 5.82" x 5.92"
4.83" x 4.92" and 3.82" x 3.89"

A wide-eyed duck and lovely lamb are a delightful addition to wall hangings, pillows, and other Easter (and spring!) decor. Stitch in light, pastel colors to continue the whimsical theme.
Available in four sizes:
6.90" x 8.44" and 5.85" x 7.16"
4.85" x 5.93" and 3.16" x 3.87"
  Available in four sizes:
7.59" x 6.88" and 6.44" x 5.84"
5.34" x 4.84" and 3.86" x 3.49"

Easter Eggs-travaganza

You can't celebrate Easter without a few Easter eggs! These bright and colorful embroidery versions use fun patterns and bright colors to bring a whole new style to the classic Easter motif.
Available in two sizes:
4.85" x 6.53" and 2.88" x 3.87"
  Available in two sizes:
4.85" x 6.52" and 2.89" x 3.87"

Stitch all six of the egg-citing designs together, or pick your favorite patterns to stitch alone. We particularly love the idea of using them all on a set of table linens, kitchen towels, or on a quilt.
Available in two sizes:
4.86" x 6.53" and 2.89" x 3.87"
  Available in two sizes:
4.85" x 6.51" and 2.89" x 3.87"

The brilliant colors make these designs perfect for any embroidered Easter egg hunt. They're especially eye-catching on apparel and holiday decorations, too.
Available in two sizes:
4.85" x 6.51" and 2.89" x 3.87"
  Available in two sizes:
4.88" x 6.57" and 2.89" x 3.87"

Easter Eggs-travaganza Design Pack

Easter Eggs-travaganza Design Pack

Purchase these colorful Easter egg designs individually by clicking the links above, or get all 6 of the designs in a pack.


The pack is available in 2 sizes:

 Lg - Designs smaller than 5" x7"
Sm - Designs smaller than 4" x4"

Easter Clothesline

Give your t-shirts and tote bags a holiday makeover with this too-cute clothesline. Stitch onto apparel, towels, and more for fabulous Easter fun!
Available in three sizes:
9.38" x 5.85" and 7.80" x 4.86" and 6.86" x 4.28"

Spring Scenes (Toile)

Light and airy toile is the perfect way to show off these sweet spring scenes. A baby bunny and pair of chicks nestle in amongst flowers and eggs in these lovely designs.
Available in four sizes:
9.46" x 6.88" and 7.78" x 5.66"
6.66" x 4.84" and 3.85" x 2.80"
  Available in four sizes:
9.22" x 6.90" and 7.81" x 5.84"
6.45" x 4.83" and 3.85" x 2.88"

Because toile features light stitches with open areas showing through, these designs are the perfect fit for smooth, low-nap fabrics. Stitch the spring motifs on fabrics such as tea towels, linen, denim, and canvas for best results.
Available in four sizes:
6.90" x 8.90" and 5.85" x 7.54"
4.84" x 6.24" and 3.01" x 3.89"
  Available in four sizes:
8.56" x 6.91" and 7.26" x 5.87"
6.07" x 4.92" and 3.85" x 3.12"

Easter Samplers

Have a hoppy -- I mean, happy! -- Easter with these bright and colorful embroidery designs. Flowers, eggs, and sweet sayings give them a delightfully cheerful look.
Available in five sizes:
7.80" x 7.80" and 6.85" x 6.85"
5.87" x 5.87" and 4.85" x 4.86"
3.85" x 3.86"
  Available in five sizes:
7.77" x 7.80" and 6.85" x 6.88"
5.85" x 5.87" and 4.83" x 4.85"
3.84" x 3.85"

A wreath made up of classic springtime flowers encircles a "Happy Easter" greeting in this charming design. It's a great fit for tea towels, pillows, and other holiday decorations.
Get more information on stitching on tea towels in this free tutorial.
  Available in five sizes:
7.79" x 7.81" and 6.85" x 6.86"
5.85" x 5.86" and 4.84" x 4.86"
3.85" x 3.86" 

Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on it's way! Give placemats, sweatshirts, and tote bags a special holiday makeover with this classic Easter saying.
Available in five sizes:
11.75" x 3.32" and 9.41" x 2.66"
7.81" x 2.21" and 6.87" x 1.94"
3.87" x 1.09"

Faithful Floral Filigree

A majestic cross surrounded by Easter lilies and filigree swirls is a beautiful way to celebrate the meaning of Easter. Stitch on pillows, wall hangings, bible covers, or tote bags to share the Easter spirit.
Available in five sizes:
6.91" x 8.77" and 6.16" x 7.81" and 5.51" x 6.99" and 4.87" x 6.17" and 3.21" x 3.90"

A coordinating border design features blooming Easter lilies, and is a stunning addition to placemats, tablecloths, and other Easter brunch decorations. Sew alongside the cross design above to create a matching set.
Available in five sizes:
11.76" x 4.16" and 9.41" x 3.33" and 7.81" x 2.77" and 6.00" x 2.35" and 3.90" x 1.40"

Finish the collection of faithful filigree designs with these corner and accessory designs. They're beautiful on napkins, apparel, pockets, and more.
Available in three sizes:
5.97" x 5.87" and 4.95" x 4.87" and 3.90" x 3.84"
  Available in one size:
3.03" x 2.92"

Faithful Floral Filigree Design Pack 

Faithful Floral Filigree Design Pack

Add these beautiful Easter cross designs to your next embroidery project!

Click on a link below to see the designs in the pack, sizes, and prices:


The pack is available in 5 sizes:

XXL - Designs smaller than 7" x 11.8"
  XL - Designs smaller than 7.9" x 7.9"
Lg - Designs smaller than 6" x 10"
Md - Designs smaller than 5" x 7"
Sm - Designs smaller than 4" x 4"

Springtime flowers in full bloom lend a vibrant, eye-catching look to this gorgeous Easter design. Add the colorful cross to towels, wall hangings, and tote bags to add a touch of natural elegance to your home.
Available in three sizes:
6.90" x 10.00" and 5.38" x 7.79" and 4.74" x 6.86"

Religious Easter Samplers

Bring faith and joy to your Easter stitches with these "Savior" and "Saviour" samplers. Words showing the spirit of the season are depicted alongside Easter lilies and a cross in these embroidery designs.
Savior Version   Saviour Version
Available in four sizes:
7.79" x 7.82" and 6.85" x 6.87"
5.86" x 5.87" and 4.85" x 4.87"
  Available in four sizes:
7.81" x 7.78" and 6.89" x 6.87"
5.89" x 5.87" and 4.88" x 4.87"


These Easter squares are the perfect additions to embroidery projects such as pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and more.

Adorn alter cloths, bible covers, framed artwork, and more with these beautiful designs celebrating the joy of Easter. They're the perfect way to lift your spirits for the season.
Available in four sizes:
6.86" x 7.80" and 5.85" x 6.65"
4.85" x 5.52" and 3.39" x 3.85"
  Available in four sizes:
6.65" x 7.79" and 5.84" x 6.85"
4.85" x 5.68" and 3.30" x 3.86"

Battenburg Lace Crosses

Elegant crosses stitched in freestanding Battenburg lace have been specially digitized to replicated a hand-crocheted look. Get more tips and tricks for embroidering these Battenburg crosses in this free tutorial.
Available in four sizes:
6.88" x 9.38" and 5.70" x 7.77"
4.85" x 6.61" and 2.82" x 3.84"
  Available in four sizes:
6.89" x 8.71" and 5.89" x 7.45"
4.88" x 6.16" and 3.06" x 3.88"


These Battenburg lace crosses get their distinctive look from cotton thread, as it adds an even more homemade appearance to the lace.

Find special instructions for using these designs right here.

In-the-Hoop Napkin Holders

An Easter egg, bunny, and a chick are the perfect napkin holders for any Easter brunch or dinner. Plus, the springtime animals can be reused for any birthday or kids' party, too!

Find step-by-step instructions for these in-the-hoop napkin holders in this tutorial.
Available in two sizes:
3.22" x 4.45" and 2.80" x 3.86"
Add these holders to your Easter table!

Available in two sizes:
3.62" x 4.86" and 2.90" x 3.89"
  Available in two sizes:
4.43" x 4.69" and 3.66" x 3.87"

Request of the Week -- Heirloom Applique Cowboy Boots

Rebecca loved the idea of creating some heirloom applique cowboy and cowgirl boots, and we thought the idea was equally fabulous! Pick your favorite boot design, then stitch on tote bags, apparel, and more!

Find instructions for stitching heirloom applique here.

Available in three sizes:
4.61" x 5.90" and 3.83" x 4.90" and 3.05" x 3.90"
  Available in three sizes:
5.45" x 5.90" and 4.53" x 4.90" and 3.60" x 3.90"

Whether you prefer embroidering a single boot, or are looking for a matching pair, these designs will get you ready for any rodeo. We picked neutral fabrics to let the embroidery shine in these applique designs, but you can pick your favorite color or pattern to include.
Available in three sizes:
4.68" x 5.90" and 3.88" x 4.89" and 3.10" x 3.90"
  Available in three sizes:
5.60" x 5.90" and 4.65" x 4.90" and 3.71" x 3.90"

Add a star-spangled pair of cowboy boots to a towel, or stitch this flaming-hot pair on a bandana, sweatshirt, or pillow. They're perfect for any project straight out of the Wild West.

Find instructions for stitching heirloom applique here.

Available in three sizes:
4.67" x 5.90" and 3.88" x 4.90" and 3.10" x 3.90"
  Available in three sizes:
4.85" x 5.90" and 4.03" x 4.90" and 3.21" x 3.90"

The Request of the Week program is one where you can suggest a design for us to draw and digitize. It's
a popular program, and designs are scheduled through the middle of 2017. But we still want to read your ideas! Send them to support@emblibrary.com. We'll add them to the list of designs to be created!

To see other designs that have been created by requests, click here.