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Easter Blessings

NEW THIS WEEK - February 28th, 2007:

Easter Blessings

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A reversible pillow cover in a zip!
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No matter the weather outside--be it snow, rain, or sun--let the promise of spring shine in your sewing room this week, and prepare for a glorious Easter.


Holy Week is only a month away, and that gives us time to start projects and gifts for both church and home.


Start with the beauty of  Easter Lily designs. In Jacobean splendor, these fresh designs stylize the lily in shapely forms that will dress up everything from linens to pillows to bell pulls. Spring gardens rejuvenate before our eyes as they emerge from the sew outs of freestanding lace designs for table tops and accessories.


Uplifting and inspirational Easter designs for Bible covers and bookmarks will become cherished gifts, ready to share with family and friends at church. 

Usher in an early spring, and enjoy the Easter designs!

Jacobean Lily

Dramatic as it is elegant, the beloved lily is rendered with a Jacobean touch in designs that whisper
of spring breezes. In thread colors of your own choosing, bring the delicate innocence of the Easter
Lily, or the sunshine colors of spring lilies, to life in home decor.
Fanciful lilies form a square, circle, oval, rectangle, sprays, and corners to dress up table runners, placemats, napkins or to coordinate
new spring bed linens and pillows. Or, if you prefer, create a vision of a single perfect lily on a pocket
or tote.

Jacobean Lily - Square
A single lily framed in Jacobean fashion by exotic vines and fanciful leaves.
A beauty for totes or pillows, it can be accompanied by elegant corners or spray designs.
Available in three sizes:
7.80"X7.81" and 5.89"X5.90" and 4.89"X4.90"

Jacobean Lily - Circle
Sculpted leaves and vines enfold a pair of lilies in a circle design.
Beautiful for placemats, pillows, bed linens and shams, towels, and more.
Available in three sizes:
7.82"X7.80" and 5.90"X5.88" and 4.90"X4.88"

Jacobean Lily - Oval
Lilies are cradled in a sweep of vines and leaves. Lovely on linens and pretty on pillows.
Available in two sizes:
5.85"X8.25" and 4.85"X6.82"

Jacobean Lily - Rectangle or Border
Make a single dramatic statement or repeat this design to create a beautiful border.
A graceful addition to a table runner, towel, or pillowcase edging. The smaller size of this
border is formatted for the Endless Hoop, and it may also be used in standard hoops.
Available in two sizes:
9.40"X4.77" and 6.00"X3.37"

Jacobean Lily - Spray
Elegant embellishments for jeans, skirts, and shirts.
  Jacobean Lily - Spray (mirror)
Perfect for pairing and framing.
Available in two sizes:
2.72"X9.40" and 1.99"X6.85"
  Available in two sizes:
2.72"X9.40" and 1.99"X6.85"

Jacobean Lily - Corner
A delicate corner for napkins.
  Jacobean Lily - Single
Feature the artful lily on a pocket.
Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

A Jacobean Lily

Sew placemats and napkins; make a tote; frame a pillow feature with corner or spray designs.
Dream up projects aplenty for table linens, bed linens, and quilts -- all with this one design pack!
You'll never run out of ways to use these elegant and versatile designs.

Click on the links or images below to see the designs included in the pack, and add this
pack to your shopping cart!

All designs smaller than 8 x 10 All designs smaller than 7.9 x 7.9 All designs smaller than 6 x 10
  All designs smaller than 5 x 7  

Jacobean Lily - Bell Pull
This Jacobean-inspired design is reminiscent of English krua (crewel), wool yarn embroideries found
on heirloom tapestries, garments, and household items dating from the 17th century. Many English women would embroider such designs on bell pulls and on decorative panels. This design comes in three files, which can be embroidered in vertical panels.

For free project instructions for bell pulls, click here.
Available in two sizes:
6" x 10" and 5" X 7"

Inspirational Messages for Easter
For Christian friends, gifts made with these designs are welcome reminders of the promise of their faith.
Share these inspirational Easter designs with members of your Bible study group, pastors, or church friends and family by creating Bible covers as gifts and pairing them with matching bookmarks.
For free project instructions, click here for bookmarks and click here for a book cover.
Jesus carrying Cross
This image of Christ carrying His cross to Calvary and the compelling message on the accompanying bookmark will resonate deeply during the Holy Week of Easter and encourage reflection every day. 
  Matching Bookmark -
He gave Himself...
The message of Christ's sacrifice for all humankind as told in 1 Timothy 2:6.
Available in three sizes:
6.10"X7.86" and 5.51"X7.10" and 4.86"X6.27"
  Available in one size:

The Lord is my rock - Sampler Scene
An expression of faith that will abide with those who receive it at
Easter time and throughout the year. An inspiring reminder to stitch for book covers and framed thread art.
  Bookmark -
The Lord is my rock...
From Psalms 18:2, this declaration of faith.
Available in three sizes:
6.43"X7.81" and 5.86"X7.13" and 4.87"X5.92"
  Available in one size:

Stained Glass Window for Easter
The illumination of a stained glass window with the enduring story of Easter is an uplifting gift to share with church friends. This design will make a beautiful Bible cover or a tote for church classes.
  Matching Bookmark -
Heaven and Earth will pass away...
The comforting message of
Matthew 24:35.
Available in three sizes:
6.03"X7.81" and 5.51"X7.15" and 4.85"X6.32"
  Available in one size:

Jesus of Nazareth
An inspirational picture of Christ and his loving spirit, this design can
be sewn as a Bible or hymnal cover and coordinated with the matching bookmark to the right, or sewn as a piece for framing.
  Matching Bookmark -
I can do all things...
God provides the strength to do His will. Pilippians 4:13
Available in three sizes:
7.81"X7.69" and 5.85"X5.80" and 4.85"X4.81"
  Available in one size:

An Easter Bible Cover and Bookmark

Click on the links or images below to see the designs included in the pack, and add this
pack to your shopping cart!
All designs smaller than 7.9 x 7.9 All designs smaller than 6 x 10 All designs smaller than 5 x 7

Spring Lace
n ethereal spring garden will emerge as the delicate patterns of these elegant lace creations sew
out.  From centerpieces to napkin cuffs, and coasters to lacy borders, the floral designs will be
a breath of spring for your table settings and perfect gifts for friends. Freestanding embroidered
lace looks delicate, yet it is very durable. It's a snap to make, too. Click here
for instructions.
Spring Lace Oval
 Patterns for the imagination and vernal anticipation. Tulip, lilies, fronds of fern are
beautifully mirrored, as if in a garden reflecting pool.
Herald the advent of tulip season
and set a spring centerpiece on this graceful oval of lace.
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X8.28" and 4.82"X6.79"

Spring Lace Circle
A swirl of spring lace is the perfect setting for a bud vase to show off the first daffodil of spring.
Or, sew several lace circles and make lovely stemware coasters for spring luncheons on the veranda.
Available in three sizes:
5.87"X5.87" and 4.79"X4.82" and 3.87"X3.87"

Spring Lace Napkin Cuff
Wrap napkins in a special touch of elegance.
Choose a color that complements
your spring table setting
s and blends with the fashionable lace coasters above.
For instructions in making a napkin cuff, click here.

Available in one size:

Spring Lace Border

Trim table linens, the edge of an apron, or spring towels with this delightful, tulip-filled border.
Available in two sizes:
6.81"X1.76" and 3.65"X1.76"

A Spring Lace

Click on the links or images below to see the designs included in the pack, and add this
pack to your shopping cart!
All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7

Spring Lace N
apkin Cuff -- in two pieces.
For those who have a smaller hoop, the lace napkin cuff above is divided into two
pieces in this design. For instructions in sewing the two pieces together, click here.

Each piece is:


Delicate line-art creations will sew beautifully and swiftly for so many Easter projects.
Combine the designs with the inspiring Alleluia or Hosanna designs!  Create quick-to-sew gifts or a multitude of accessories for the church choir, pastors, or Bible class members. Delight everyone at Easter morning gatherings with Alleluias sewn on their napkins. Just click on the images or links below, and add the designs to your cart.
Easter Lily   Lamb
Available in two sizes:
4.88"X6.37" and 2.98"X3.86"
  Available in two sizes:
4.82"X5.04" and 3.72"X3.88"

Cross and Shroud   Crown of Thorns
Available in two sizes:
4.44"X6.86" and 2.49"X3.86"
  Available in two sizes:
6.47"X4.81" and 3.86"X2.89"

Palm Sunday Hosanna   Alleluia - Easter Morning
Available in two sizes:
6.80"X3.31" and 3.86"X1.89"
  Available in two sizes:
6.79"X3.52" and 3.86"X2.01"

Special Request of the Week
Embroidery Library is always inspired by your design suggestions, and we thank you for sending
us tons of terrific ideas, which we regularly incorporate into the weekly design themes. As a way
to expand on designs for specific quests, this space is dedicated to the "Request of the Week."
Here is this week's request:

Cat Crossing
Jo requested a design with "a mother cat and three kittens following behind her, tails in the air."
With a touch of spring wafting in the breezes, our artists caught the fever, and embellished
Jo's idea by adding a curious turtle, sprightly dragon fly, and sunny butterfly to accompany the
felines on their jaunt across a meadow trail. It's purr-fect for cat fanciers and spring fantasies!

Available in two sizes:
8.50"X5.79" and 6.80"X4.64"