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Blue Willow

NEW THIS WEEK - February 21st, 2007:

Legendary Blue Willow

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Cherished by generations, Blue Willow tableware sets have graced dining tables for more than two centuries. And, the Chinese legend depicted in the familiar blue and white designs is more than 2,000 years old.


The charm of this timeless china pattern inspires the designs this week. Excellent for embroidering exquisite dining room decor, the intricate storied scenes, borders, and individual designs will also be dashing on garments, quilts, and other accessories as well.


Plain white dishes will be so enchanting set off by the cobalt Blue Willow scenes on placemats, napkins, and tablecloths. Designs in shapely ovals, circles, square, rectangle, sprays and borders are superb on table linens, chair-back covers, seat cushions, pillows, and more.


Enjoy a new look at a legendary design!

The First Blue Willow

The Willow pattern was designed by Thomas Minton in 1770 for the Coalport Pottery Works in Staffordshire, England. European artisans, influenced by imports of Eastern art, were busy creating many oriental designs for home decoration. Minton's popular blue and white patterns inspired many copies. Variations are oft in the details, like the number of apples, figures on the bridge, and fencing.


 Blue Willow Oval 

The apple tree, bridge, and Chinese boat, all elements of the ancient stories,
are beautifully captured in this delicate oval border with its artful horizontal orientation.

Available in two sizes:
8.14"X5.85" and 6.73"X4.85"

Blue Willow Rhyme
Ever fascinated by the intricate designs on each piece of their popular dinnerware,
generations of British children have sung this familiar rhyme, passed down to them
from grandparents and parents, as they helped set the family dinner table together.

Two birds flying high, a Chinese vessel, sailing by.
A bridge with three men, sometimes four, a willow tree, hanging o'er.
A Chinese temple, there it stands, built upon the river sands,

An apple tree, with apples on, a crooked fence to end my song.

 Blue Willow Story Oval 

Available in two sizes:
5.85"X8.22" and 4.86"X6.85"


Willow in Cobalt Blue
Willow patterns of old can be found in other colors -- shades of lighter blue, or even brown -- but
the most popular, down through the ages, remained the same -- an exquisite cobalt blue.

  Blue Willow Circle
A dashing border of flowers and leaves encircle the symbolic willow, apple tree, temple, and
doves in flight. Perfect for a trivet or dining table accessory.

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.79" and 5.90"X5.90" and 4.90"X4.90" and 3.89"X3.90"


 Blue Willow Rectangle

A tranquil scene, perhaps reflective of an island get-away,
where life is at its simplest, in the very best sense of the word. 
The rectangular shape of this design will lend itself to table runners, framed
pieces, and even totes.

Available in four sizes:
9.41"X4.72" and 7.81"X3.90" and 6.82"X3.41" and 3.86"X1.95"


 Blue Willow Square
Doves from the legend, symbols of eternal love, are framed together in flight.
A shapely square for table linens, chair back covers, decorator pillow, or quilt block.

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.79" and 5.90"X5.90" and 4.90"X4.90" and 3.90"X3.90"

The Ancient Legend
According to the Spode Museum Trust of the United Kingdom, the story behind the Blue Willow
pattern is 2,000 years old. Knoon-shee, a lovely Chinese maiden, was in love with her father's
secretary, Chang, but she was commanded by her parents to wed a wealthy suitor. When she
refused to comply, her father locked her in a little house near the temple by the apple orchard.
 Blue Willow Temple
Available in three sizes:
5.85"X8.63" and 5.26"X7.80" and 4.63"X6.85"

The Chase
Knoon-shee is able to get a message to Chang, and they meet in the apple orchard,
but are soon discovered together. Beneath the willow tree, they find a bridge and
escape across it, pursued by her outraged father.

  Blue Willow Bridge and Willow Tree
The willow from which the original pottery pattern takes its name, bends over the river by the bridge.

Available in three sizes:
7.80"X7.39" and 6.21"X5.87" and 5.10"X4.83"

The Escape
 The lovers escape in a "little ship sailing by," which takes them to land on an island.

  Blue Willow Boat
A seaworthy boat for a life of adventure.

Available in four sizes:
9.29"X5.90" and 7.80"X4.90" and 6.78"X4.31" and 3.84"X2.42"

Island Refuge
The pair take refuge in a little wooden house on the island. But, tragically, their
hiding place is found when her angry father and wealthy suitor track them down.
The two set fire to the house and the lovers perish together in the fire.

 Blue Willow Island
The  peaceful scene of an island retreat.

Available in three sizes:
8.29"X5.89" and 7.84"X5.52" and 6.86"X4.86"

Eternal Happiness
The next morning, the spirits of the pair rise, phoenix-like from the ashes, in the form of two doves.
With outstretched wings, they fly off into other realms to find eternal happiness together.

 Blue Willow Doves
Captured in flight, the Blue Willow doves are graceful and serene.

Available in three sizes:
7.89"X5.85" and 6.52"X4.82" and 3.86"X2.84"

Delicate Blue Willow Sprays
A whisper of flowers and vines, mirrored, will beautifully frame any of the scenes or designs above.

 Blue Willow Floral Spray

  Blue Willow Floral Spray - mirror
Available in two sizes:
2.61"X9.41" and 1.89"X6.80"
  Available in two sizes:
2.61"X9.41" and 1.89"X6.80"


Blue Willow Floral and Dove Border
Doves flit among the vines and flowers of this graceful border.
This border coordinates beautifully with the divinely delicate spray of vines and flowers above.

Available in three sizes:
9.39"X3.30" and 6.00"X2.21" and 3.85"X1.34"

Bold Blue Willow Sprays

Boldly expressive, these graceful spray designs will frame a scene or a monogram,
or lay horizontally giving beauty to a hemline, perhaps along the hem of a tablecloth or placemat.


Blue Willow Spray

  Blue Willow Spray - mirror
Available in two sizes:
1.58"X9.40" and 1.16"X6.80"
  Available in two sizes:
1.58"X9.40" and 1.16"X6.80"

Blue Willow Arch and Border 
A bold and expressively regal border, perfect for tea towel or table runner.

Available in three sizes:
9.41"X2.38" and 6.00"X1.64" and 3.86"X0.98"


Blue Willow Corner

Pristine dove on the branch of apple tree.
Use singly or team it with a mirror image to accent the corners of a placemat.

Available in two sizes:
4.85"X4.81" and 3.85"X3.82"

Blue Willow Accessory Designs
Handy little individual designs echoing the scenes above can be used to create your own scenes
or add a little pizzazz to another principal project, such as napkins or napkin rings to match
 a set of Blue Willow placemats or tablecloth.


Blue Willow Boat accessory

  Blue Willow Palace accessory
Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Blue Willow Apple Tree accessory


Blue Willow Bridge accessory

Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Blue Willow Doves accessory


Blue Willow Tree and Fence accessory

Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Blues Band -- Dollar Delights

You've seen the Blue Willow designs -- now enjoy designs perfect for singing the blues.
Whether your favorite Blues music is boogie woogie, classic, country, jump, or Chicago,
you'll express it best with the musical instruments of these fanciful line-art creations. 
And, whether you want to embellish a shirt, instrument cover, or towel, you'll find
fast and frugal sewing, without singing the blues about the price!  Each design is just $1.00! 
Just click on the images or links below and add the designs to your basket.

Dollar Delight Drum Kit - only $1.00

  Dollar Delight Piano - only $1.00
Available in two sizes:
5.23"X4.86" and 3.86"X3.60"
  Available in two sizes:
4.85"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.85"

Dollar Delight Bass Guitar - only $1.00

  Dollar Delight Electric Guitar - only $1.00
Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.62" and 3.35"X3.86"
  Available in two sizes:
4.86"X6.37" and 2.97"X3.86"

 Dollar Delight Harmonica - only $1.00

  Dollar Delight Saxophone - only $1.00
Available in two sizes:
6.86"X3.51" and 3.86"X1.97"
  Available in two sizes:
5.05"X4.86" and 3.86"X3.74"

Special Request of the Week
Embroidery Library is always inspired by your design suggestions, and we thank you for sending
us tons of terrific ideas, which we regularly incorporate into the weekly design themes. As a way
to expand on designs for specific quests, this space is dedicated to the "Request of the Week."
Here is this week's request:

Autism Awareness
A note from Rose enrolled our assistance for the work she wants to do for autism awareness.
"Autism is a tragic disease," she said. "My grandson suffers from it, and it is heartbreaking.
At four he is just walking and is still non-verbal, yet he is so smart." 

Rosie asked for a freestanding lace design depicting a jigsaw puzzle piece, the symbol for this
complex malady that is affecting so many youngsters today.  "I would be able to make them for the Center of Learning in Colorado," she explained. "They could sell them to raise money for research."


We are happy to help with both a freestanding lace as well as a design for garments and accessories.

 Autism Awareness Ribbon - only $1.00   Puzzle Piece - only $1.00
Available in two sizes:
5" x 7" and 4" x 4"
  Available in two sizes:
3.15"X3.27" and 1.94"X2.02"