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Hum and buzz your way into spring with colorful hummingbirds, dragonflies, and flowers.

Flit among Arts and Crafts, Chinoiserie, Art Nouveau, vintage, and baroque styles -- you're sure to land on lots of designs perfect for brightening home decor and apparel.

Designs range from lush florals and filigrees to fast vintage and quick stitch. Your embroidery machine will be buzzing with beauty!

Fly on down the page, and enjoy the new designs!


Free project instructions

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Fluttering Flowers

Embroiderers loved Hummingbird in Flowers and Peacock in Flowers. This Arts and Crafts-inspired style is back, with a lovely spring hummingbird scene, and a dragonfly flitting among lush flowers. Beautiful as framed pieces, or on tote bags and pillows!
Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.10" and 5.87"X9.32" and 4.93"X7.79" and 4.34"X6.86"
  Available in four sizes:
7.00"X11.09" and 5.86"X9.32" and 4.92"X7.79" and 4.34"X6.86"

Chinoiserie Hummingbirds
Available in three sizes:
6.52"X7.76" and 5.72"X6.81" and 4.86"X5.79"

Hummingbird and two blooms:
  Available in three sizes:
6.53"X7.77" and 5.72"X6.82" and 4.86"X5.79"

Hummingbird and bloom:

Delicate colors highlight blossoms, with a hummingbird ready to enjoy the sweet nectar.
Available in three sizes:
6.51"X7.79" and 5.68"X6.81" and 4.85"X5.80"

Hummingbird and three blooms:

Chinoiserie Dragonflies

Fanciful colors and details mark the 17th century artistic style of Chinoiserie. Fresh designs showcase dragonflies popping with bright color among the sketched flowers. Because these designs include sheer areas, choose smooth or flat-nap fabrics for best results.
Available in three sizes:
7.43"X7.80" and 5.84"X6.13" and 4.84"X5.07"
  Available in three sizes:
7.80"X7.75" and 5.85"X5.83" and 4.85"X4.82"

You can almost feel the sun's warmth as whimsical dragonflies enjoy spring flowers. Stitch onto lightweight towels, totes, or pillow shams for a unique and cheerful embellishment!
Available in three sizes:
7.79"X7.53" and 6.06"X5.84" and 5.01"X4.85"

Art Nouveau Hummingbird Squares

Art Nouveau hummingbird squares are sure to inspire beautiful projects, just as the designs in the Art Nouveau Butterflies II Design Pack did. Jewel-toned hummingbirds hover within blooming flowers and flourishes of color. Picture them on quilts, bags, pillows, and more!
Available in four sizes:
7.79"X7.38" and 6.18"X5.87" and 5.07"X4.82" and 3.86"X3.67"
  Available in four sizes:
7.74"X7.80" and 5.84"X5.86" and 4.83"X4.86" and 3.82"X3.86"

Colorful flowers and fanciful stems surround hummingbirds with vitality and warmth. Freshen spring decor and apparel with these graceful designs!
Available in four sizes:
7.79"X7.80" and 5.88"X5.87" and 4.87"X4.84" and 3.86"X3.83"
  Available in four sizes:
7.79"X7.44" and 6.12"X5.86" and 5.06"X4.85" and 3.86"X3.69"

Hummingbirds Abroad

Hummingbirds Abroad join the Blooming Abroad designs, with hummingbirds fluttering in front of their native country's stamp and striking filigree. Handsome designs are ready to land on pillows and wall hangings, in framed embroidery, and on tote bags.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the only species of hummingbird that regularly nests east of the Mississippi River in the United States.
Available in four sizes:
6.72"X7.81" and 5.86"X6.81" and 4.86"X5.68" and 3.29"X3.88"

Native to Argentina, the Sparkling Violetear declares its territory by singing. This attractive design will sing on all kinds of projects!
Available in four sizes:
6.67"X7.81" and 5.86"X6.86" and 4.86"X5.69" and 3.31"X3.86"

The Green-breasted Mango hummingbird is resplendent with color.
Available in four sizes:
6.87"X7.81" and 5.86"X6.66" and 4.86 x 5.52 and 3.39"X3.89"

Vintage Stitch Hummingbird

Circles and sprays are quick-to-stitch yet filled with grace and elegance. Delicate flowers and leaves encircle happy hummingbirds with the things they love best. Light stitches and open areas mean these vintage-style designs will work best on low nap fabrics.
Available in four sizes:
7.75"X7.79" and 5.85"X5.87" and 4.85"X4.87" and 3.83"X3.84"
  Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.68" and 5.85"X5.76" and 4.85"X4.78" and 3.84"X3.79"

A light-stitching spray is balanced beautifully with a hummingbird in the center, and the flowers and leaves radiating outward. So pretty on spring pillow shams and mini-quilts!
Available in five sizes:
11.80"X6.22" and 9.40"X4.95" and 7.80"X4.11" and 6.85"X3.61" and 3.83"X2.03"

Vintage Stitch Dragonfly

Light stitches make dragonfly wings shimmer with sunshine! Vintage-style designs are easy and breezy and perfect for bringing a breath of fresh air to your spring projects.
Available in four sizes:
7.79"X7.76" and 5.87"X5.85" and 4.86"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.84"
  Available in four sizes:
7.78"X7.79" and 5.85"X5.86" and 4.80"X4.81" and 3.84"X3.84"

A dragonfly buzzes above a lazy stream, bringing to mind hot summer days and sunshine!
Available in five sizes:
11.79"X4.61" and 9.39"X3.67" and 7.78"X3.04" and 6.85"X2.68" and 3.82"X1.50"

Baroque Dragonflies

Bright and light-stitching baroque dragonflies bring dazzling dashes of color to placemats, table runners, smooth kitchen towels, and outdoor banners.
Available in three sizes:
5.85"X6.98" and 4.85"X5.77" and 3.25"X3.85"
  Available in three sizes:
5.85"X6.41" and 4.85"X5.30" and 3.54"X3.85"

Baroque flourishes complement a dragonfly's delicate wings.
Available in three sizes:
5.71"X5.87" and 4.72"X4.87" and 3.73"X3.85"

Light & Lively Hummingbirds

Light and lively hummingbird and flower designs are as fresh as the first blossoms of spring. Lovely on tea towels and flour sack towels -- perfect for hostess or thank you gifts!
Available in two sizes:
6.87"X4.72" and 3.85"X2.64"
  Available in two sizes:
5.54"X4.84" and 3.84"X3.36"

You can sense the movement of this hummingbird as he zeroes in on a bright flower. Delicate stitches and open areas will work best on flat fabric; avoid fabrics with a pile or nap.
Available in two sizes:
5.83"X4.84" and 3.85"X3.20"

Light & Lively Dragonflies

Dragonflies swoop and swirl in designs as light and delicate as their wings. Dress up T-shirts, table linens, potholders, and more with these pleasing designs.
Available in two sizes:
4.82"X4.92" and 3.77"X3.85"
  Available in two sizes:
5.34"X4.83" and 3.85"X3.48"

Capture a shimmering dragonfly in a rare moment of rest.
Available in two sizes:
6.04"X4.85" and 3.85"X3.10"

Flights of Fancy

Create a natural sensation on projects with a flock of hummingbirds and a swarm of dragonflies. Colors shade from light to dark for a fast yet fabulous look.
Available in three sizes:
7.82"X7.39" and 6.20"X5.87" and 5.13"X4.86"
  Available in three sizes:
7.44"X7.82" and 5.86"X6.18" and 4.86"X5.11"

Special Request of the Week

Embroidery Library is always inspired by your design suggestions, and we thank you for sending us tons of terrific ideas, which we regularly incorporate into the weekly design themes. This space is dedicated to the "Request of the Week."

This week's request came from Darlene, whose daughter works in a Pit Bull rescue organization in Georgia. She gets to see firsthand the sweetness these dogs can bring to life, and that shines through in the sketch design below. Brave and loyal Pit Bulls show their best side in poses that bring out their natural nobility. Thanks for the great idea, Darlene!
Available in three sizes:
6.77"X7.80" and 5.84"X6.74" and 4.84"X5.57"

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