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Embroiderers from all parts of the world have such good ideas to share, and we love hearing about every one of them. Your  suggestions are gifts of inspiration that enliven Embroidery Library's weekly design themes, and your design requests help depict and share every aspect of life with embroidery art.


So this week, to celebrate our birthday, we're opening some of these inspiring gifts online...sharing a sampling of those requests.


We hope you'll take pleasure in seeing some of the diverse ideas from our mailbox, and reading about the embroiderers and how they want to use the designs. This delightful assortment may include a design or two that you've been wanting, too, and you should feel free to use it any way you would like.


Enjoy this potpourri of fun surprises, and thank you for joining in the birthday party this week!

Jo's request: Frangipani Flowers

The Frangipani tree growing in Jo's front yard in Australia is spectacular, and she says,
"I just love it to pieces!" Literally, it seems!  She continued, "We break pieces off it all the
time to give away." Jo is amazed at its size and beauty because they do not live in the
tropics, but on the coast, hours south of Sydney.
Best known for its use in Hawaiian leis,
the frangipani, is a tropical plant with luscious flower blossoms in hues of yellow to pink.

Frangipani Flowers and Buds

Available in four sizes:
7.80"X7.26" and 6.28"X5.86" and 5.19"X4.86" and 3.85"X3.60"

Frangipani Spray

Jo's Frangipani tree has quite a history. It was the first pink frangipani she had ever seen,
and when neighbors cut it out of their yard, she and others took pieces to plant. Since then
it has survived their dog's desire to uproot it and the felling of a palm tree that broke it in half,
always coming back to flourishing splendor. Jo's devotion to her tree is so strong that last year, when she helped establish a new cafe in a plant nursery complex nearby, she named it the Pink Frangipani.
Available in four sizes:
7.81"X5.72" and 8.11"X5.95" and 6.61"X4.84" and 3.85"X2.82"

Star-shaped Frangipani Flowers

The Frangipani flower is known by different names all over the world. To Europeans, it is plumeria for
the Frenchman who named it. Because of the way its blossoms sit high on thin leafless branches,
this image translated to "temple tree" in India; "Dead Man's Fingers" in Australia; and "cacalloxochitl, which means "crow flower" in Mexico.
Available in four sizes:
7.80"X6.84" and 6.68"X5.85" and 5.52"X4.84" and 3.85"X3.39"

 Crown of Frangipani Flowers

The frangipani, or plumeria, is native to the tropics of the Western Hemisphere, but its
luscious flower now blooms on trees or shrubs in tropical and subtropical areas throughout
the world. Its blossoms fill the air with fragrance at night.
Available in four sizes:
7.81"X6.41" and 7.16"X5.86" and 5.91"X4.86" and 3.85"X3.15"

Frangipani Flowers from Australia

The Frangipani tree "leaves me feeling warm inside every time I look at it. It is so pretty," Jo said.
"I would like to add it to a heap of hand towels for gifts for my relatives as they all love it, a tablecloth, and for myself, a new shirt with the design on the back yoke."
Available in four sizes:
7.81"X6.56" and 6.96"X5.86" and 5.75"X4.86" and 3.86"X3.26"

A Frangipani Flowers

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  All designs smaller than 4 x 4  

Patti's Request: Psalm 46:10

"This verse came from a friend after my surgery," Patti explained, "when I was pushing to get going and didn't have the physical energy to get going." This beautiful verse has helped many to find peace in the midst of life's struggles. Patti wants to embroider it on the back of a blue denim shirt. "I have already done a shirt for my friend with the 1 Corinthians 13 designs," she said, adding that her friend is stopped everywhere for compliments and comments. This design is an excellent choice for wall hangings, totes, and book covers.
Be Still and Know that I am God
Available in two sizes:
5.87"X8.30" and 4.86"X6.86"

Jean's Request:  The Serenity Prayer 

Jean asked for The Serenity Prayer so she can embroider it for her daughter, explaining, "My daughter and her husband's home burned to the ground a few months ago. He'd just returned from Iraq. They lost everything in the fire, with no insurance. They were upstairs asleep when the fire started. Thank God they weren't hurt. My daughter is still having nightmares. 

"As her mother, I want to take away all her pain. This prayer, to me, offers strength to get through
the rough times. I want to make this prayer for her so she can have it in her home and in her heart."

Available in two sizes:
5.87"X7.45" and 4.87"X6.16"

Becky's Request:  Singing Nuns
Becky wrote to ask for a small nun design in traditional habit along the lines of the "Counting the
days 'til Jesus' birthday" calendar pieces
. "They can be whimsical -- nothing sober looking," she said, explaining, 
"I started a group of ladies that perform the "Sister Act" at our local churches. If I must say so myself, we are quite hilarious!"  Becky plans to embroider the nun designs, trim them like the calendar figures, and then put a magnet on the back, to give to the "singing sisters" as gifts.
Singing Nun   Strumming Nun   Jazzy Nun
Available in two sizes:
2.23"X3.26" and 1.37"X2.01"
  Available in two sizes:
3.11"X3.26" and 1.91"X2.00"
  Available in two sizes:
2.37"X3.26" and 1.45"X2.01"

Linda's Request: Airedale
 "We have a nine-year-old Airedale, Jim, who is a wonderful companion," Linda said. "A very big part of our life, Jim goes everywhere we go. Where will I put the design?  On his dog bed, on his towel, on our towels, on the blanket in the car, on a sweatshirt, and who knows where else, depending on the size."   So, Linda, we were happy to create Jim in three sizes, to sew on everything you can think of, and everything that all the Airedale lovers out there can think of, too.
Available in three sizes:
6.11"X5.86" and 5.01"X4.79" and 3.86"X3.70"

Margaret's Request:  Doodle Dog
Margaret requested a "Golden Doodle" design. We had to look that one up..."a canine mix
that is 75 percent poodle and 25 percent Golden Retriever. A great family dog with curly hair,
they prefer people to other dog friends."  A proud Doodle owner, Margaret is "pursuing a Doodle
Day" at her local dog park, and she thinks the new Doodle design will be a hit.

Available in three sizes:
8.20"X5.90" and 6.72"X4.84" and 3.85"X2.75"

Linda's Request: St. Patrick's Day Bassett Hound
The lovable Bassett Hound, with its woeful eyes, is a gentle family dog. Linda wrote to ask for a St. Patrick's Day design to help call attention to and support fundraising for America's Bassett Hounds Rescue groups, which are dedicated to the placement of needy purebred Basset Hounds.
Available in three sizes:
5.87"X9.22" and 4.38"X6.86" and 2.50"X3.88"

Debbie's Request:  Motorcycle Ma'm, Cruisin' in California
Debbie is a Californian, and she loves the outdoor life. She was thrilled to hear that her idea for a
new motorcycle design will be available. "I am a 53-year-old rider and am having the time of my life,"
she said. "I like to be different and add a little personality and fun to my riding apparel. I plan on embroidering it on a sweatshirt for summer riding and also a handbag, which I will make. I have
several girlfriends that ride and I will also do something for them as gifts."
Available in three sizes:
7.58"X5.86" and 6.28"X4.86" and 3.86"X2.97"

Edie's Request:  For Fans of Fans
Edie transforms sweatshirts into jackets, and her mother adores them. "They are just the right weight for wearing inside, and they are easy to get on and off," she said. Her mom's birthday is coming up and she has some Asian fabrics to use for bias edging to trim the jacket
. All she needs now, she said, are some applique Asian fans to make the jacket dressy and to match the geisha design she purchased.
Applique Asian Fan - Tiger
The symbol of strength and royal power in many Asian cultures, the tiger was called upon
to punish evil and to tame the mystical forces of nature.
Available in three sizes:
8.92"X5.88" and 6.82"X4.50" and 3.91"X2.59"

Applique Asian Fan - Bamboo
Bamboo or "take" is a symbol for happiness and prosperity. Simple and unadorned, the bamboo
 is also symbolic of purity and innocence. "Take o watta youna hito" (a man like fresh-split bamboo) refers to a person with a frank nature.  
Available in three sizes:
8.92"X5.88" and 6.82"X4.50" and 3.91"X2.59"

Applique Asian Fan - Koi
Koi symbolize strength, courage, and patience in accomplishing major goals. The fish are noted for being able to swim upstream against rapid currents, overcoming all manner of obstacles.
Available in three sizes:
8.92"X5.88" and 6.82"X4.50" and 3.91"X2.59"

Kristi's Request:  Simple Treasures Trains
Clickety clack, coming down the tracks -- ready to sew on the little one's backpacks!
Kristi wrote, "I have three young boys, ages 5, 2, and our new little man born on December 23rd.
I am always looking for cute boy designs, especially trains, which my older boys absolutely love. I wanted a set that would be easy and quick to stitch on everything from t-shirts to backpacks."

Just in time to sew for youngsters' spring wardrobes, these
"Simple Treasures" train designs will
make embellishing fast and easy for busy moms. The simplicity of just three thread colors will sew
up in a lickety-stitch, but their shading delivers depth and vibrant fun.

Classic Steam Locomotive   Classic Caboose - Simple Treasures
Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Classic Box Car - Simple Treasures   Modern Tanker Car - Simple Treasures
Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Modern Caboose - Simple Treasures   Diesel Locomotive - Simple Treasures
Available in one size:
  Available in one size:

Carolyn's Request: Victorian Hats in Redwork
Carolyn had searched throughout Internet-land for some fancy Victorian redwork hat designs for a wall quilt, but never found exactly what she was looking for.  She made one quilt, but she was still looking.
"I would make another one if it has 'fancy' hats," she said. "So I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to see what yours will look like." And, we are perched on the edge of our seats waiting to see Carolyn's next quilt, and all the other projects embroiderers will make with these redwork hats.

Hat with pearls in redwork   Riding hat in redwork
Available in two sizes:
4.50"X6.80" and 2.57"X3.85"
  Available in two sizes:
4.80"X6.26" and 2.93"X3.85"

The redwork stitching that came to life in our grandmothers' hands is a wonderful way to portray the hats they wore on their heads. Like traditional needlework, but even quicker to sew, the designs lend themselves to kitchen towels, placemats and table linens, bedroom linens, guest towels, and more.
Rose-brimmed cloche in redwork    Gardenia bow hat in redwork
Available in two sizes:
4.85"X4.82" and 3.85"X3.81"
  Available in two sizes:
4.79"X5.24" and 3.50"X3.85"

Redwork is absolutely grand, livening up plain fabrics in contrasting colors.
Imagine one of these designs on a dark T-shirt or framed with redwork flowers on a tote or bag!
Brimming-with-berries hat in redwork    Young girl's Sunday hat in redwork
Available in two sizes:
5.54"X4.79" and 3.85"X3.31"
  Available in two sizes:
6.79"X4.17" and 3.85"X2.38"

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