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Stack Attack

NEW THIS WEEK - January 26th, 2011

Stack Attack

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It's a stack attack! Get more of the things you love with this week's towering new designs. They'll be delightful on towels, totes, aprons, jackets and jeans, and more.


Inspired by the first time we crafted stacked-up designs for your stitching pleasure, lots of playful critters will bring smiles wherever you stitch them. From goofy monkeys and penguins, to fantastical dragons and unicorns, to adorable bugs and frogs (and even lions, tigers, and bears!), they'll help you create heaps of fun.


There's more, too -- tasty treats, wine glasses and teacups, car characters, even a sewing stack!

Keep all your tools close at hand with a sewing machine apron. Click here for free project instructions!

A trio of cupcakes is called "delicious!" With pink frosting and
sprinkles, this design will be a mouth-watering addition to table
linens, kitchen towels, and tote bags.

Available in three sizes:
4.69"X9.41" and 3.43"X6.85" and 1.93"X3.86"

A trio of chirping chickadees is known as a "banditry" -- maybe because of their
 secretive black eye masks. Bring this happy threesome to your stitching projects
for some chick-a-dee-dee-delightful embroidery!


Available in three sizes:
5.51"X9.40" and 4.03"X6.86" and 2.25"X3.86"

A group of cardinals is called a "college," "conclave," "radiance," even "Vatican!"
In this design, three bright red cardinals are stacked on a snowy branch. Pretty
on wintry bath towels and tote bags for bird-lovers.

Available in three sizes:
5.84"X6.87" and 4.82"X5.68" and 3.28"X3.86"

It's a "crash" of colorful hippos, each with a flower on its
tummy. Fun on towels for the children's bath, kids quilts,
and safari-themed room decor.

Available in three sizes:
5.80"X8.04" and 4.84"X6.70" and 2.95"X3.85"

This herd of hedgehogs is quite a handful! The itty-bitty one on top
holds a bright flower, providing colorful contrast to the brown critters.

Available in three sizes:
4.20"X9.41" and 3.07"X6.86" and 1.73"X3.86"

A "kine" (or herd) of colorful cows! Geometric patterns replace the
traditional cow print, adding a whimsical dash of eye-catching fun.
Choose colors that match your personal taste or home decor, and
stitch up placemats, tote bags, pillow shams, and more!

Available in three sizes:
5.28"X9.32" and 3.88"X6.85" and 2.17"X3.85"

A sounder of pigs, stacked in mud. Paisley on the pigs is reminiscent
of hoofprints. Fun on bath and kitchen towels, as well as tote bags for
the grocery store and farmers market.

Available in three sizes:
5.81"X8.85" and 4.51"X6.86" and 2.53"X3.86"

This group of newly hatched chicks sure ain't broody! The little peeper at
the bottom is still safely tucked inside his shell. Fun on Easter gifts!

Available in three sizes:
2.93"X9.41" and 2.14"X6.86" and 1.20"X3.86"

This "waddle" of penguins adds a warm touch to winter clothing and decor.
The littlest penguin on top balances a snowflake on his head. Each penguin
has eye-catching swirls on its stomach. Fun on cozy fleece, sweatshirts,
towels, totes, and more!

Available in three sizes:
4.88"X9.33" and 3.59"X6.86" and 2.02"X3.86"

Whether you call them wiener dogs, hot dogs, doxies, or dachshunds, this
trio in sweaters is sure to delight. Stitch onto totes and towels, bibs, shirts,
and anywhere you'd like to add a dash of dachshund.

Available in three sizes:
5.37"X9.39" and 3.92"X6.83" and 2.20"X3.85"

A troop of monkeys balances precariously on arms and tails.
So fun on towels for the children's bath, backpacks, and framed
pieces too! If you're looking for a male monkey version, click here.

Available in three sizes:
3.74"X9.41" and 2.73"X6.86" and 2.47"X3.86"

Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! The king of the jungle is on the top,
perching on the tiger's head. The bear at the bottom dips his mighty paw
into a jar of honey.

Available in three sizes:
3.52"X9.40" and 2.56"X6.87" and 1.44"X3.86"

What do you call a group of pandas? No definitive answer was found. Some say
"sloth," others say "cupboard," so let's just leave it with "cute." This jolly trio is
fun on towels, totes, and pillow shams, too.

Available in three sizes:
5.84"X7.39" and 4.84"X6.10" and 3.05"X3.86"

This "bask" of crocodiles is a colorful trio. Change the colors of the crocs to
match your preference or color scheme. Fun on bibs, sweatshirts, backpacks,
quilts, and more!

Available in three sizes:
5.50"X9.40" and 4.02"X6.86" and 2.25"X3.85"

This "army" of fun-loving frogs is a charming addition to any project, whether it
be quilts or pillow covers, tote bags or bath towels. The littlest frog on the top
waves cheerfully, not realizing that he's squishing another frog's eye!

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X9.40" and 4.29"X6.87" and 2.41"X3.86"

A trio of octopi, floating on gentle blue waves. A
delightful way to spruce up bath towels and beach bags!

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X6.88" and 4.86"X5.71" and 3.28"X3.86"

A "cluster" of ladybugs! A colorful addition to tote bags for the grocery store
or farmers market. Also charming on pillow shams and kitchen towels.

Available in three sizes:
5.51"X9.41" and 4.02"X6.87" and 2.26"X3.86"

A "bale" of turtles, balancing precariously on each other's shells.
A geometric pattern in each turtle's shell is a contemporary and
eye-catching touch.

Available in three sizes:
5.87"X6.52" and 4.87"X5.39" and 3.51"X3.86"

What's the buzz? It's this trio of colorful dragonflies, ready to
fly onto your embroidery machine. Colorful and delicate, they'll
bring a bit of summer to your garments and home decor.

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X8.54" and 4.71"X6.86" and 2.65"X3.86"

A "flamboyance" of pretty, pink flamingos! Two have their necks entwined,
while the top bird stands tall. Fun on shirts for snowbirds, and those
that want to bring a tropical blast to their home and wardrobe.

Available in three sizes:
4.13"X9.33" and 3.04"X6.86" and 1.71"X3.86"

It's a "pandemonium" of parrots! Colorful tropical birds bring warm
personality to towels and totes, quilts and pillow covers.

Available in three sizes:
4.82"X9.42" and 3.53"X6.86" and 1.97"X3.87"

A colorful trio of starfish, with water bubbles. Fun on bath towels and curtains.

Available in three sizes:
3.48"X9.40" and 2.54"X6.85" and 1.55"X3.86"

If they're "horses," they're a herd. If they're "sea fish," they're a shoal.
Whatever the official name for a group of seahorses, this design is a
delightful addition to bath towels and beach bags. Let these colorful
critters gallop their way to your stitching projects!

Available in three sizes:
2.89"X9.42" and 2.11"X6.86" and 1.19"X3.87"

A "pod" of whales, stitched in bright colors, floating on a gentle
blue wave. Fun on bath items, beach bags, and bed linens!

Available in three sizes:
5.81"X6.67" and 4.84"X5.56" and 3.37"X3.88"

A "calorie" of desserts! Begin with rich chocolate cake, then make
your way to the delightful chocolate chip cookie, and end with the
gooey caramel brownie on top.

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X8.57" and 4.69"X6.85" and 2.63"X3.86"

A group of wine lovers is known as "oenophiles." This trio of wine-filled
glasses is fun on table linens and napkins for your next fine wine and
dinner party.

Available in three sizes:
2.77"X9.40" and 2.03"X6.86" and 1.14"X3.86"

A trio of stacked teacups, each with a different colorful pattern.

Available in three sizes:
5.80"X7.71" and 4.81"X6.36" and 2.92"X3.86"

Love to quilt? Looking for something unique, yet traditional, for Valentine's Day?
Stitch this trio of patchwork hearts to show your love for all things crafty.

Available in three sizes:
4.50"X9.41" and 3.29"X6.88" and 1.85"X3.86"

A trio of pretty gifts. A wonderful accent to gift bags!

Available in three sizes:
4.95"X9.41" and 3.62"X6.88" and 2.03"X3.86"

Beep beep, and move over! This trio of cars is loaded with personality.

Available in three sizes:
3.82"X9.42" and 2.78"X6.85" and 1.56"X3.87"

A "clan" of fire-breathing dragons. Fantasy-lovers will enjoy
this design stitched onto shirts, tote bags, towels, and more.

Available in three sizes:
4.42"X9.41" and 3.23"X6.86" and 1.82"X3.86"

A trio of colorful dinosaurs is a fantastic embellishment
to children's towels and garments, backpacks and book bags.

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X8.12" and 4.85"X6.72" and 2.78"X3.85"

It's a festival of fairies! Stitched in different hues of purple, green, and
blue, these creatures are sure to delight on any item for a little girl.

Available in three sizes:
3.85"X9.38" and 2.81"X6.85" and 1.74"X3.85"

A "herd" of magical, mythical unicorns. The baby has hearts on its rump,
while the adults have stars. Let this design prance its way onto bibs,
shirts, towels, and totes.

Available in three sizes:
5.04"X9.41" and 3.68"X6.86" and 2.07"X3.86"

A violin, cello, and bass, with colorful music notes.

Available in three sizes:
3.71"X9.42" and 2.71"X6.85" and 1.52"X3.88"

Stacks from the Past

The first "stacks" appeared at Embroidery Library in October 2008, and they've appeared
on bibs, totes, quilts, and shirts around the world. They're filled with color, personality,
and charm.


Bremen Town Musicians


Elephant Stack


Available in three sizes:
5.86"X9.04" and 4.45"X6.85" and 2.50"X3.86"

  Available in three sizes:
5.23"X9.42" and 3.82"X6.86" and 2.15"X3.86"

Outrageous Owl Stack


Zebra Stack


Available in three sizes:
4.80"X9.40" and 3.51"X6.86" and 1.96"X3.85"

  Available in three sizes:
5.36"X9.42" and 3.91"X6.87" and 2.19"X3.86"

Fun on the Farm Stack


Pets and Pals Stack



Available in three sizes:
5.85"X8.45" and 4.78"X6.86" and 2.67"X3.86"

  Available in three sizes:
5.85"X9.33" and 4.32"X6.85" and 2.42"X3.86"

Meerkat Stack



Giraffe Stack



Available in three sizes:
3.82"X9.41" and 2.79"X6.86" and 1.57"X3.87"

  Available in three sizes:
5.27"X9.41" and 3.85"X6.86" and 2.16"X3.86"

Leaping Lemurs Stack



Monkey Business Stack



Available in three sizes:
5.54"X9.41" and 4.05"X6.86" and 2.27"X3.86"

  Available in three sizes:
3.94"X9.40" and 2.88"X6.85" and 1.62"X3.85"


Each Wednesday in 2011 you'll find a new "Crafty Collectible" design! Each design will celebrate a craft. Check this area every Wednesday to see the newest design, and a little "crafty" to your stitching projects!

A stack of sewing notions is the perfect embellishment to a crafty project.
Stitch onto a tote bag for your sewing and crafting supplies, use it to spice
up your sewing room decor, or embellish a sweatshirt with this colorful and
crafty design!


Available in three sizes:
4.56"X9.41" and 3.34"X6.85" and 1.87"X3.86"

Want to see more? Click here to see designs released in previous weeks!