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Simple Treasures Sequel

NEW THIS WEEK - January 14th, 2009

Simple Treasures Sequel

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Get ready to have lots of fun with your embroidery machine -- this week, it's time to "lite" up your life!


The Simple Treasures design line has been a perennial favorite since it was launched almost three years ago. Each design uses just three colors to create a shaded image that's lightweight, quick-stitching, and priced right.


The inspiration for this series came from all your requests for designs to illustrate your loved ones' occupations -- from fireman to nurse, Sunday School teacher to scientist, there were lots of niches just waiting to be embroidered. But these designs can be used for so much more than jobs -- imagine using them for hobbies, interests, even special events.


These simple, sheer designs are a great choice to "go with the flow" of most fabrics. They're especially striking as a subtle tone-on-tone design.


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Keep your vehicle neat and clean with this car visor caddy. Click here for free project instructions!


Simple Occupational Treasures


If you're reading this, it's a safe bet you're
in love with machine embroidery. Show off
your passion with this design.
  New and experienced seamstresses
will love this simple needle-and thread


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Surprise the great teachers in your life
with a homemade gift, stitched with this
classic design.
  Created for social workers,
this design is a tribute to hardworking
people helping people.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Sunday School teachers will appreciate
this simple design that combines learning
and faith.
  Stitch this sheer Bible design for your
favorite pastor or priest, or anyone in a
Christian setting.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Stitch this design for the veterinarian who
keeps your dogs, cats, and other pets in
good health.
  Dentists and dental hygienists will love this design celebrating healthy teeth.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

X-ray technicians know, it's what's
on the inside that matters.
  Stitch this X-ray design in light thread
on dark fabric for a fun twist!


Available in one size:

  Click on the color change sheet to see the two color variations for this design.

Nurses do so much to keep us in good health,
 and these tools of the trade help them do it.
  A doctor's stethoscope and reflex hammer are a classic emblem of the health care profession.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Fly the friendly skies with this pilot's cap.   This carry-on bag is the perfect emblem for a
flight attendant.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Earned your aviator's wings? Stitch them
with this design.
  Any Realtor will be glad to see this
"SOLD" sign.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Those who clean for a living contribute much to keeping the world spic and span.   Coach's whistle and clipboard: essential tools
of the trade.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Stitch this big yellow school bus for the driver who transports the kids safely each day.   Ask any dance instructor: it takes two
to tango.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Lights, camera, action! Movie buffs and filmmakers will love this cinematic design.   Stitch this iconic theater design for the actors
and actresses in your life.


Available in one size:

  Available in one size:

Day care providers supply the "building blocks"
of kids' learning.
  A lofty chef's hat and spoons will make a great
gift for culinary professionals or hobbyists.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Through rain, sleet and snow, postal carriers make sure the mail arrives on time.   This "lite" design is a great choice for fitness trainers and enthusiasts.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Martial arts instructors and students will appreciate this balanced design.   A helmet keeps welders safe in this
intense trade.


Available in one size:

Available in one size:

Show appreciation for your hairdresser
with this stylish design.
  Stitch this design for the manicurist who makes your nails shine.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

This bartending design will be a hit with
your favorite mixologist.
  The florist's art, celebrated in this design, combines nature and craft.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Right about now in Minnesota, snow plow drivers might be our favorite workers.   Garbage truck drivers keep our towns
and cities neat and clean.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Keep your favorite construction worker
well covered with a garment stitched with
a hard hat and gloves.
  Farmers and tractor fans alike will appreciate
this rustic design.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Draft a favorite project for an architect
with this design.
  Forestry workers and modern-day lumberjacks get the job done with this chainsaw.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Stitching something just right for your favorite photographer is a "snap".   Chisel out a project for a woodworker
with this design.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Graphic designers bring art to everyday life; give some art back with this design.   This wrench design makes a great gift for your favorite mechanics, amateur and professional.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

The unsung heroes of the pet world, groomers make your pets look their best.   Plumbers will appreciate this "flowing"
design made just for them.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Stitch this "current" design for your
favorite electrician.
  Carpenters' hammer and nails have served
them well for centuries.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Any all-around handy man will appreciate an embroidered power tool.   This design, like a painter's roller and brush, makes the world a bit brighter.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Ride 'em, cowboy!   Let this design remind you to put on
your zoologist's hat and appreciate the
animal world around you.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Be captain of your own tugboat with
this seaworthy design.
  Stitch this design for the landscapers
who green up your life.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

EMTs will appreciate this design made to
honor their quick response.
  Stitch this classic fireman's design to recognize this heroic profession.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

After a long day on the road, this semi truck
will put a smile on your favorite driver's face.
  A police officer's cap and badge will make a great gift for law enforcement professionals.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

This number-crunching design is perfect for the accountants who keep our finances in order.   Stitch this park ranger design for those
who love the great outdoors.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Lawyers will appreciate a homemade gift embroidered with the scales of justice.   A judge's gavel symbolizes these leaders
of the justice system.


Available in one size:


Available in one size:

Beakers and flasks make an intriguing design for the scientist,
science teacher, or experimenter in your life.

Available in one size:

  A Simple Treasures Sequel Pack

Get all 60 of these Simple Treasures designs --
they'll be great to have on hand in your own embroidery library! Stitch them on shirts, linens, gifts, and treats for yourself. They're all so quick and easy!

The Simple Treasures Sequel pack contains 60 designs. Click on an image or link below to see the designs included in the pack, and add the pack to your cart.

All designs smaller than 4 x 4    


Meet the Winter Tweet! These cute birds are bundled up against the cold,
and they're ready with ice skates and a hockey stick to make the most of the chilly season.
Cleverly aligned stitches on the branches look surprisingly like real pine needles.


Available in two sizes:
5.85"X7.16" and 4.85"X5.90"

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