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Be Mine, Valentine!

NEW THIS WEEK - January 10th, 2007:

Be Mine, Valentine!

 Sew up a little backpack for your Little Sweetie to use on her next trip.  

February is just around the corner...and the excitement of St. Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras celebrations is in the air. New designs are filled with cheerful hearts and colorful Valentine's Day themes, perfect for celebrating those that you love.

Send someone special a cheerful note, and tuck a freestanding lace heart inside. Remember those you love with little gifts presented in sew-in-the-hoop bags in colorful and cheerful Valentine motifs.

Dress your dining table with lace ovals, coasters, doilies, and napkin cuffs in hearts of lace. And, make
a cozy Valentine's Day sweatshirt with new Trapunto designs that feature hearts, angels, and cuddly little puppies.

Keep a lookout for carnival masks, baby's first Mardi Gras, even a royal and regal alligator. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!



3-D Lace sets Hearts aflutter
Lacy heart ornaments floating in a sunny February window are such a cheerful sight!
For instructions for embroidering the pieces and assembling, click here.
Three pieces, each piece smaller than 4" x 4"

Hearts of Lace for the Table
Whether for a breakfast-in-bed tray, sunroom lunch table, or candlelight dinner,
lacy accessories will set the mood for a special Valentine's Day event.
Lace Napkin Cuff
Hearts of lace will wrap napkins in a special touch of elegance.
For instructions for making a napkin cuff, click here.
Available in one size:

Hearts of Lace Border
Trim table linens, the edge of an apron, or Valentine's Day towels with this
heart-filled border. Or, embellish the hem of a little sweetheart's delicate dress.
Available in two sizes:
6.83"X2.88" and 3.86"X2.70"

Heart Lace Oval
Set a teapot or a centerpiece on this heart-y oval of lace.
Available in two sizes:
5.88"X8.31" and 4.81"X6.82"

Heart Lace Circle
This never-ending circle of love is just right for the bud vase to hold that one perfect rose.
And several lace circles make lovely stemware coasters for the perfect Valentine dinner.
Available in two sizes:
5.88"X5.88" and 4.84"X4.83" and 3.88"X3.88"

A Valentine's Day
Lace Value Pack

The lace oval, circle, napkin cuff, and border are available in a pack!
Click on the links or images below to see the designs included in the pack, and add this
value pack to your shopping cart!
All designs smaller than 6 x 10   All designs smaller than 5 x 7

For those that have a smaller hoop, the napkin cuff is divided into two pieces.
Instructions for sewing the two pieces together can be found here.
Each piece is



The Blessings of Angels
Since the Middle Ages, songs and poems, as well as tokens of affection and greeting cards have inspired romance on St. Valentine's Day. But perhaps none were so lavish as those of the Victorian
era, when expressions of love and devotion were to follow the themes implicit in the elaborate decor
of the day. Here in decorative frames, Victorian angels bestow blessings on those who would love.
Victorian Angel and Dove in Oval Frame
In thread art, simulating a gilded frame, and angel bestows blessings of love and peace.
Available in three sizes:
7.62"X7.81" and 5.87"X6.03" and 4.87"X5.01"

Victorian Angel and Dove in Square Frame
According to European legend, the birds choose their mates on February 14. The doves,
however, were thought to mate for life, thus they were often used as a symbol of fidelity.
Available in three sizes:
7.85"X7.67" and 5.99"X5.86" and 4.98"X4.86"

Victorian Angel in Heart Frame
With blessings for romantic love, the angel, framed in heart-shaped vines,
carries a red rose, believed to the favored flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love,
Available in three sizes:
7.14"X7.80" and 5.85"X6.39" and 4.85"X5.31"


 Sew-in-the-hoop Drawstring Bags for your Valentines
 Everyone loves surprises. And, a secret Valentine gift is twice as nice when it's presented in one of these versatile little bags. From jewelry to chocolates and tiny toys to trinkets, loved ones will be delighted when they open the little drawstring tops to see what you have hidden inside.
Make several, quick as a wink! For easy instructions, click here.
Conversation Hearts Drawstring Bag
 As much a part of Valentines Day as cards and roses are the familiar little candy
hearts imprinted with tiny messages of love and friendship.
Remember picking through a bagful to choose just the right sentiment?
Available in two sizes:
6" x 10" and 5" x 7"

Cupid's Bow and Arrow Drawstring Bag
Romance is in the air when cupid's bow is armed with a heart arrow.
This little bag surely means to hang onto its secret contents until February 14!
Available in two sizes:
6" x 10" and 5" x 7"

Lacy Heart and Roses Drawstring Bag
Feminine and romantic, roses encircle a lacy heart. Filled with potpourri or lavender,
the smaller size will make a perfect sachet for Mom or a favorite aunt.
Available in two sizes:
6" x 10" and 5" x 7"

Cluster of Hearts
Like a pocketful of good wishes, this little bag is a happy treat for the eyes!
What's inside? A coffee mug for a good friend? A canister of tea leaves? Chocolates?
Available in two sizes:
6" x 10" and 5" x 7"



Your Heart's Desire
Designs that echo the drawstring bags above are available to sew on anything your heart desires!
The designs were just so much fun, we wanted to sew them on gazillions of other things -- shirts, pillowcases, scarves, table linens, and colorful hand towels.
Conversation Hearts
Only the very best sentiments were chosen for these little candy hearts,
so much a part of February, it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without them!
Available in three sizes:
8.19"X5.85" and 6.81"X4.85" and 3.88"X3.14"

Cupid's Bow and Arrow
A classic Cupid's bow and arrow, tantalizingly framed in swags of gold.
Available in three sizes:
6.44"X5.51" and 5.28"X4.51" and 3.86"X3.30"

Lacy Heart and Roses
In feminine detail, ribbons, frilly lace, and roses are reminiscent of early Valentine cards.
Available in three sizes:
6.29"X5.01" and 5.16"X4.01" and 3.85"X2.97"

Cluster of Hearts
Hearts, like shining jewels, dance along with the buoyancy of happy balloons.
Available in three sizes:
6.55"X5.45" and 5.24"X4.36" and 3.87"X3.23"

Valentine's Day Trapunto
From romantic Italy comes Trapunto, a style of whole-cloth quilting stitch that originated in Sicily in the 14th century. The designs offer the subtle beauty of high-relief work in one-color stitching, so elegant for pillows and quilts but also masterful for dressing up apparel -- vests, jackets, skirts, even knit shirts. Click here for project instructions.
Fleur de Heart Trapunto Square
Loving gestures, and this fancy heart, are fitting all year around.
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 5.00"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

Be Mine, Valentine, Trapunto Square
With romance in the air, this heart throb is outstanding in trapunto for Valentine's Day.
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 5.00"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

Cupid and Hearts Trapunto Square
Mischievous, lovable little Cupid was one of the gods of mythology whose magic arrows
were aimed at coupling the hearts of young men and maidens.  In Latin, Cupid means "desire."
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 5.00"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

Puppy Love Trapunto Square
Nothing says lovin' like the warm eyes and wagging tail of a trapunto puppy.
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 4.99"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

Heart and Roses Trapunto Square
The rose, one of the world's most popular flowers, is a centuries-old expression of love.
For anagram-lovers: rearrange the letters of "rose" and find Eros, the mythological god of love.
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 5.00"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

Heart Basket Trapunto Square
Hearts peeking from the corners of the frame echo the heart woven neatly into this basket design.
All will take on the special richness and three-dimensional quality of high-relief trapunto.
Available in three sizes:
6.00"X6.00" and 5.00"X5.00" and 3.90"X3.90"

A Valentine's Day
Trapunto Value Pack
Most frequently sewn tone on tone, trapunto is a truly elegant style that makes use of running and stipple stitches and negative space to achieve a rich, high relief design. The stitching outlines the motif, and the batting tucked between the fabric and stabilizer "puffs" up the fabric between stitching. 
Click here for project instructions.

The six Valentine's Day Trapunto designs above are available in a pack!
Click on the links or images below to see the designs included in the pack, and add this pack to your shopping cart!
All designs smaller than 6 x 10 All designs smaller than 5 x 7 All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Mardi Gras Dollar Delights!

For the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday, tickle your friends and family with a little Mardi Gras madness. Frolic through January and February embellishing everything from napkins to towels, shirt sleeves to bibs with Carnival motifs in little designs that go everywhere.
Baby's First Mardi Gras   Court Jester Mardi Gras Mask
Available in one size:
  Available in two sizes:
3.87"X3.16" and 2.87"X2.33"

Princess Mardi Gras Mask   Feathered Mardi Gras Mask
Available in two sizes:
3.85"X1.96" and 2.86"X1.46"
  Available in two sizes:
3.86"X2.87" and 2.86"X2.13"

Alligator King of Carnival   Mardi Gras Medley
Available in two sizes:
3.68"X5.39" and 2.63"X3.85"
  Available in two sizes:
4.86"X5.13" and 3.65"X3.86"

Dots Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Value Packs

A new "Dots" alphabet is just the thing to personalize shirts, towels, totes, and more. Buy
individual letters for just $1 each, or buy a pack of 71 letters and characters.

2 Inch   1-1/2 Inch
All designs smaller than 4 x 4   All designs smaller than 4 x 4
1 Inch   1/2 Inch
All designs smaller than 4 x 4   All designs smaller than 4 x 4

Dot Heart
This dotty heart coordinates wonderfully with the alphabet above, and is included in the
alphabet packs. It's also available for separate purchase.

 Embroider an "I [love] you" surprise on your sweetheart's pillowcase, or make matching T-shirts
or night shirts. Make a special Valentine meal and serve it with embroidered placemats or
napkins. Then use them all year long to keep the spice of love in your life!
Available in four sizes:
3.87"X3.85" and 2.91"X2.89" and 1.95"X1.94" and 0.99"X0.98"

Special Request of the Week
Embroidery Library is always inspired by your design suggestions, and we thank you for sending
us tons of terrific ideas, which we regularly incorporate into the weekly design themes. As a way
to expand on designs for specific quests, this space is dedicated to the "Request of the Week."
Here is this week's request:

Camouflage Hearts

The requests are pouring in for "something special" for our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters,
grandchildren, cousins, and friends who are serving in the armed forces. This Valentine's Day
we're keeping our loved ones in the military in our thoughts, and in our hearts, too.
Two heart designs are available in different camo motifs, both desert (left) and jungle (right).
Great on shirts for military moms, dads, grandparents, and special Valentine's Day gifts
for loved ones serving in distant lands.

Desert Camouflage   Jungle Camouflage
Available in two sizes:
5.35"X4.85" and 3.86"X3.48"
  Available in two sizes:
5.33"X4.86" and 3.85"X3.47"