Embroidery Library

 What is the Embroidery Library's licensing policy?

All embroidery designs for sale at www.EmbLibrary.com were created by Embroidery Library artists and digitizers. When you make a purchase from our website, you are purchasing a license to sew the design. The design remains the property of Embroidery Library, Inc.


The license that is sold to you allows you to sew the design, and use the result in the following manners: personal use, donations to charity, gifts, and sale for profit. This license prohibits resale, trading, sharing, and distributing of the embroidery file.

The design file may not be distributed in any format, or by any method. You are prohibited from emailing designs to friends, and dealers. If you need to do that, please ask first. Send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com and tell us why you need to send the design elsewhere.

You are allowed to edit the design in any manner that you choose, but the edited design file is also copyrighted by Embroidery Library, Inc., and may not be distributed, shared, or sold.