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How do I open designs?

If you want to open designs on your computer, then you'll need to have embroidery software installed on your computer.

There are many kinds of embroidery software - Embird, Buzz Tools, Wilcom, PE Design, PSW, Customizing, Customizer, Artista Editor, Palette, PSW - the list goes on and on. You might check with your machine dealer to see if s/he has a recommendation.

Once you have embroidery software installed onto your computer, then you will be able to open embroidery designs. You can open designs in a couple of different ways.

1.  If your computer knows that it should open embroidery files with embroidery software (this is also called a "file association"), then you can double-click on the embroidery file. That will tell your computer to launch the embroidery software, and open the design.

If your computer does not know that it should open embroidery files with embroidery software, then use methods 2 or 3 below.

2.  Instead of double-clicking on a design to open it, open the embroidery software first.

Once the software is open, use the toolbar to open the design. The steps are usually "file" and then "open." After you do that, you can direct the program to the design.

The picture on the right shows the Artista Editor software opening a design.

3.  Or, right click on a design once, and choose "open."

If Windows doesn't know which program to use to open the file, it will tell you that with this message.

Basically, the message says "In order to open the file, Windows needs to know which program created it." That's not really true...actually, Windows needs to know which program you want to use to open it.

Click the "select program from a list" and click "okay."

Next, a list of software programs that are installed on your computer will pop up.

Select the program that you want to use to open the design, and click "okay."

If you want to set a "file association" and have Windows use that program all of the time, check the box that says "always use the selected program to open this kind of file."

Please keep in mind that you might not need embroidery software. If you have a machine that takes floppy disks or cds or direct transfers from your computer or a thumb drive, and if the format that you downloaded is the one that your machine uses, then you can simply download the design and transfer it to the machine. The information above is ONLY for people that want to/need to open designs on their computer before transferring it to their machine.

If you have trouble with the above, write to us at stitch@emblibrary.com. Include your order number, and tell us what kind of embroidery machine you have, and which embroidery software you have installed on your computer.