Embroidery Library

Finding and using Color Change Sheets

When you open designs on your computer or load to your machine, you'll notice that the colors are different from the samples that are shown on our website. Ignore those colors. We provide a color change sheet for each design, and those sheets show the colors that we used to stitch the designs.

There are two ways to find the color change sheets. After you order a design, use the "view" or "download" links in your order history to see the color change sheet. That's shown below:

Or, go to the design on the website and click the link to the color change sheet. That's shown here:

A color change sheet includes excellent information. At the top of the color change sheet there are details such as the product ID, size, stitch count, unique colors used, thread brand and type, and a link to project instructions (if necessary).

Buttons in the "show me" section let you remove color swatches, the unique colors section, and the design image.

The color change section shows the number of color changes as well as the unique colors used for each design.

To use the colors that we used to stitch the samples shown on the website, follow the steps in the "color / thread changes" section. Thread your machine with the color recommended in CC1 (color change 1). Then, when your machine stops for a thread/color change, thread your machine with the color recommended in CC2. Continue until the design is complete.

The 'Unique Colors Used' section displays all of the unique thread colors that are used in the design. It's helpful when taking a quick inventory to see which colors you have, and which you'll need to buy.

Color swatches give you a visual idea of the shades and colors used.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com.