Embroidery Library

Opening Designs with Bernina software

Bernina makes different software programs that have a range of functions. The steps for opening designs in those programs are essentially the same.

Some of the Bernina software is very powerful and comprehensive, and it can take months to learn all of the features. These steps give a quick demonstration of how to open designs and troubleshoot some common problems. Reference your software's manual to explore the full capabilities of the program.

To open a design, begin by opening the software. Then, click File, and Open.

A pop-up box will appear. Use the navigation tools on that box to find the design on your computer. For example, I store designs in a folder on my desktop, and the folder name is Embroidery Library Designs.

I directed the "open" box to that folder, and you can see that below.

Left click on the design in the "open" window to highlight it, then click the "open" button.

You'll get a warning message advising that the design isn't Grade A or B, and recommendations against resizing. That's normal. It's best not to resize designs; the software knows it won't do a good job resizing, so it's giving you that message.

Click "OK" and the design will appear in the work space:

The Bernina software can open many different formats -- DST, EXP, HUS, PES, ART, and more. But it can't open a zipped file. If you try, you'll get an error message that advises "invalid file name or unknown file type":

Unzip designs before opening them with the Bernina software, and everything should work fine. Click here for instructions for unzipping on a PC, and click here for instructions for unzipping on a Mac.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com.