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What does the "show designs" button mean?

When downloading a design pack, you may notice that the only download option is a zipped file. This is because a design pack is one downloadable file that contains several designs.

If you're not comfortable working with zipped files, then expand the pack. Expanding the pack will display the designs inside the pack, each with their own downloading buttons.

Find the "show designs" button under the pack image in your order.

Click the button to show the designs. Note that the designs in the pack appear, each with their own downloading links. Use the links to download the designs.

Note that unzipped links will appear for anything that can be downloaded as an unzipped file.

Some designs -- such applique, in-the-hoop, Mylar, 3D, split borders -- are only available as zipped files. If you're working with a pack that contains those designs, then "unzipped" options will not be available. Click here for instructions for unzipping on a PC, and click here for instructions for unzipping on a Mac.

To compress the design pack, click the "hide designs" button.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com.