Embroidery Library

Refunds or credits for duplicate items

The website has an excellent feature to prevent you from ordering the same design or pack twice.

If you add a design or pack to your basket that you've already purchased, you'll get a warning message with the order number. Then, instead of buying the design again, you can simply go to the order in your order history and download it.

Here is what the warning message looks like in the shopping basket:

The warning message appears at the top and bottom of the basket, making it easy to spot. It identifies exact duplicates. Different sizes of designs aren't duplicates. If you order one size of a design, and then put a different size in your basket, you won't get a warning message.

If you order a pack, then add a single design from the pack to your basket, you will get a warning message. If you've ordered single designs, then add the pack to your basket, you will not get the warning message.

If you discover that you've ordered duplicate items, we'll issue a gift certificate to you within a year of the duplicate purchase. Send these details to support@emblibrary.com:

- The order number(s) of the duplicate items
- The names of the designs/packs that are duplicated

After we've checked your order(s) and verified the duplicate items, we'll remove them from your order history and send you the gift certificate code.

Please note that a design may be included in more than one pack. If you order packs and then discover that designs are duplicated between the packs, no refunds or gift certificates can be given. Make sure you review the contents of your basket, and the designs that are included in any packs, before finalizing your order.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com.