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Design-a-Discount Pricing: Get 25% - 33% off!

When ordering 6 or more designs at one time, a discount will be automatically applied.

Add 6+ designs in your basket, and each will be discounted 25%.
Put 12+ designs in your basket, and the discount increases to 33%!

This discount will apply to single, regular-priced designs. Design packs, and designs that are already on sale, are not eligible.

When you add the 6th design to your basket, you'll see a note about the discount appear below each design, like this:

When you add the 12th design to your basket, the discount automatically increases, like this:

There's also a note under each design that lets you know which discount is being applied:

This automatic discount applies to single, regular-priced designs. Free designs, designs on sale, and design packs don't count toward the discount.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com.