Embroidery Library

Checklist: Before You Begin

After downloading a design, check these details before you embroider:

1. Size and stitch count

Each design's size and stitch count are shown on the website and the color change sheets.

After you've uploaded the design to your embroidery machine, check to make sure that the size is the same, and the stitch count is close. The stitch count may differ by 1 - 2%, as the number of stitches in a design varies depending on the format.

If the size and stitch count are the same between the website and your machine, that's great! If not, let us know, and we'll help you find out what caused the change.

2. Number of color changes and color change sheet

Refer to the color change sheet for the design, and check the number of color changes. Compare that to what your machine shows. Is it the same? Excellent -- keep going! But if you see that there's a difference, then stop; don't embroider the design.

If you find that the machine has more or fewer color changes than shown on our color change sheet, it's time to figure out what caused that change. Some software programs will merge color fields together -- especially Husqvarna / Pfaff software with the HUS format.

If you need help in determining what caused the loss of color changes, let us know. Send the order number, name of the design, machine make and model and let us know which program you used to open the design after downloading.

3. Fabric and stabilizer

The Fabrics 101 articles are excellent guides. Each article gives design, stabilizer, and needle recommendations. Review the article for your fabric before beginning a project, and make sure that your design and stabilizer choices are appropriate.

Using the wrong stabilizer can cause shifting, gapping, and misalignment; fabric that's too light or weak will pucker. Before you begin a project, take the time to review the articles, and make sure that the materials that you're using are the best choices.

If you have questions or comments, let us know! Send an email to support@emblibrary.com.