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Double-Sided, In-the-Hoop Ornaments


These double-sided, in-the-hoop ornaments are light and airy and perfect for hanging from tree branches or decorating a window.

And, best of all -- this project is another great way to use the  In-the-Hoop magnet designs.

Just "mirror" the design with your embroidery software or embroidery machine. You'll get front and back versions that  allow you to create double-sided ornaments!

Fill your tree with embroidered ornaments, give them away as stocking stuffers, or enclose them in holiday cards. They make perfect little gifts!

Supplies needed:

** Fabric
** Tear-away stabilizer
** Medium weight, cut-away stabilizer
** Temporary spray adhesive
** 1/4 inch wide ribbon

Designs used:

** Reindeer In-the-Hoop Magnet

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Create the backside of the ornament by using the mirror function in your embroidery software or on your machine.

We are using Embird software to create the mirrored file. First, open the file with Embird. Click on Editor, then click on Edit. Click Mirror and then choose Horizontal Axis.

To save, click File, and then Save As. Choose your format, save the file with your other embroidery files. Make sure that you give it a new name to differentiate from the original file. Move both files to your embroidery machine.

If you do not have embroidery software, most embroidery machines have a mirroring function.  If are not sure how to use the mirroring function, consult your machine's manual for the instructions.

Cut a piece of fabric a bit larger than your hoop. You can use any kind of fabric to make an ornament. (We used chenille to give our reindeer a "fur" texture.) 

Spray a piece of cut-away stabilizer with adhesive and smooth the fabric on top.
Hoop the fabric and stabilizer together.

Attach the hoop to the machine and load the mirrored design. Begin embroidering the design. Embroider only the first step, which is the die line. When you reach the second step, the "front piece tack down," stop the machine and skip past this step. (If you are not sure how to do this, consult your machine's manual for the instructions.)
Continue sewing.

Watch for a note on the Color Change Sheet that says "back piece tack down." Just before you reach this step, stop the machine and remove the hoop from the machine.

Unhoop the fabric and cut out the shape by following the outer die line shape.

Our fabric is somewhat plush, so we are cutting along the die line on the back of the embroidery where it is easily visible.

For the front fabric, create a paper template by printing the "_DLFront" at full-size using your embroidery software.

Spray a piece of cut-away stabilizer with adhesive and smooth a piece of fabric on top.

Spray the back of the paper template with a bit of adhesive and smooth it on top of the fabric. Cut out the shape.

Now that both of the fabric pieces are cut, we are ready to embroider the ornament.

Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer and attach the hoop to the machine. Load the design (that's the file that starts with "X" followed by 4 numbers) and begin sewing the first step, which is the die line.

Spray the backside of the front fabric piece with adhesive.

Place the fabric piece right inside of the die line shape.

Continue to embroider the design. A zigzag tack down stitch will sew next. This binds the fabric to the stabilizer for the remainder of the embroidery

Other elements of the design will sew. Watch for a note on the color change sheet that says "back piece tack down." Stop the machine right before you reach that step.

Remove the hoop from the machine, but do not unhoop the stabilizer. Cut a 6-inch length of ribbon, make a loop, and tape the loop to the back side of the back fabric piece on the top edge.

Spray the backside of the fabric with adhesive.

Place the fabric on the backside of the embroidery, aligning it right inside the shape from the die line.

Tape the loop to the side of the hoop to prevent it from getting sewn over.

Since the thread on both sides of the ornament will be seen at this point, wind a bobbin with the same thread as the top.

Attach the hoop back into the machine and continue to embroider the design. Another tack down stitch will sew next.

And, the finally a satin stitch border will sew.

After the design has finished, unhoop the stabilizer and gently and gently tear it away from the design.

You'll a do a double-take when you see how great these double-sided ornaments look on your tree! 

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