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Hanging Wine Steward

For those of us who enjoy the occasional glass of wine, a wine rack may take up too much counter space for our liking, so the pretty bottles are put away in a cupboard or shelf.  Make some space on the wall for your wine.

This wall hanging, while a pretty display, is functional too.  So clear some space in your cupboards for a new kitchen gadget and pocket your wine in this handy canvas wine steward.

Supplies needed:

  • 1/2 yard of  58"- to 60"-inch wide heavy canvas
    or duck cloth
  • 1/2 yard of beaded trim
  • 3 tassels
  • 1 1/2 yards of rope or 3/8" cording
  • one-inch round dowel
  • Embroidery designs

The fold in your cut of fabric is the top of your wine steward.  Line up the selvages and mark the sides and pockets on the front side of the fabric.  Making sure that your lines are centered on your half-yard piece, mark 2 lines that are 14" apart from the fold to the selvages of the fabric.  (The extra inches along the sides will be handy when you are trying to hoop.) Then start marking your pockets.  Start at the fold and make a mark 2" from the fold.  This will be your rod pocket.  Then make marks 6 1/2" down from your first mark.  Repeat the 6 1/2" marks until you have marked all four bottle pockets. 

Now you are ready to embroider.  Center your designs in the pocket marks that you have made.

When you have finished embroidering, cut away the extra fabric outside of the side marks.
Hem both long edges by folding over twice and stitching along the edge.
Line up the selvage edges again, and use a basting stitch along your bottle and rod pocket marks to define each pocket.  After you are satisfied that the pockets are lined up correctly, use a satin stitch to go over the basting and really make a strong stitching line. 



Now to add the beaded trim.  Turn over the bottom edges 1/2" and press to the inside. 
Stitch the beaded trim to one edge, then bring the other edge over the sewn-on trim and stitch through all layers to give a finished look.
Cut your dowel to 16" and slide the dowel in the rod pocket.  Slide one tassel on each end of the dowel. 

Prepare the cording by cutting 2 small scraps from the beaded trim and stitching the trim around the end of the cording to keep it from unraveling.

Tie the cording to each end of the dowel and secure with a sturdy knot, allowing the ends to dangle.  Attach the third tassel to the top-center of the cord.

Hang this in your dining room, den, or recreation room and enjoy a glass of wine any time.  If you know a wine maker, wouldn't they be delighted to receive a wine steward with the name of their wine? This wine steward will make a fantastic gift for any wine lover in your life. 



Think of the possibilities!  You could even organize your kitchen utensils or stabilizer rolls with this idea!


Color changes for each variety shown.  Madeira Color Numbers are shown.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Grigio Merlot Chardonnay Area sewn
CC1 1396 1396 1396 1396 leaf in background
CC2 1357 1357 1357 1357 leaf in background
CC3 1098 1098 1098 1098 leaves, stems
CC4 1396 1396 1396 1396 shading detail
CC5 1102 1102 1102 1102 vines, highlights
CC6 1357 1357 1357 1357 veins
CC7 1102 1102 1102 1102 vine
CC8 1322 1054 1233 1156 grapes
CC9 1233 1058 1000 1396 grapes
CC10 1330 1342 1364 1106 grapes
CC11 1311 1084 1167 1270 grapes
CC12 1322 1054 1233 1156 grapes
CC13 1322 1389 1167 1396 text

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Products used in this Project:

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