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Celebration Flags

Fly these flags outside or inside to announce to the world that you are celebrating something spectacular!

Arrange designs and design segments on a large canvas to create a beautiful decoration for your home!  Fly your pride inside or out with a variety of interesting themes and topics.

Determine what size celebration flag you would like.  The standard sizes are: 

12" x 16" (small)
18" x 24" (medium)
24" x 32" (large)

In the Celebration Flags category you'll find three sizes:  small, medium, and large.  These sizes coordinate to the above finished sizes.  For example:  If you wish to make a celebration banner that is 24" x 32", choose the large size of the designs.

For the small flags, the flag design has been divided into two or three sections, and you can sew parts A, B, and C to result in a complete design.

For the medium and large flags, the designs that compose the flag design are included for you to arrange however you choose.

Here is how to construct your celebration flag:

We sewed on a variety of fabrics, including canvas, nylon, and denim.  For each flag, we hooped the fabric with one layer of cutaway stabilizer.  When sewing on nylon, we used spray adhesive to keep the fabric from scooting around in the hoop.

Arrange the designs on the fabric as you prefer.  If you are unsure about placement, try using printed design templates to find the perfect placement.  To make a template, print the design from your software at full size and cut closely around it, then arrange on the fabric, marking placement as you prefer.

Allow 3/4" on the right and left sides for turning hems, and 3" at the top for the rod/pole pocket.  Seam allowance at the bottom will vary depending on if you are making a straight, single-point, or double-point bottom.

Sew the hems on the left and right side.

Turn the design over and sew the rod pocket.

Finish the bottom hem.  For a straight bottom hem, allow 3/4" for the hem.

For the pointed hem, allow an extra 6" on the bottom of the banner.  Fold the banner, right sides together, and sew the short end together.  

Turn and press.  

For a double-point bottom, measure 2 1/2" down from the bottom-center of the embroidery to find the top point of the triangle.  Determine how long you want the points to be, and measure and mark on each side.  Factor in 3/4" for turning and hemming.  Cut out the triangle and clip the center of the hem allowance.  Finish the hem.

Now visit a craft or hardware store for a dowel or flagpole, and hang in our outside your home!

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