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Lace Christmas Tree

Free project instructions to embroider a lace Christmas tree.

Free project instructions to embroider a lace Christmas tree.

If you can't fit a Christmas tree into your home, or are looking for a way to add an extra air of elegance to your holiday decorating, try this sophisticated lace Christmas tree. Gorgeous freestanding lace pieces make up the boughs of the tree, while feathers, berries, and other decorative accents give it a stylish look.

Project Needs & Notes:

- 18" tall Styrofoam cone with a 5" base
- Water-soluble stabilizer
   (Vilene or Sulky Ultra Solvy)
- 1" pins
- Hot glue and gun
- Feather boa
- Decorative elements such as florals, berries,
  and a dove or angel for the top

This tutorial calls for the freestanding lace pine bough designs from the A Christmas Tree Boughs (Lace) Design Pack.

In this example, a mixture of large, medium,
and small lace bough designs are used.

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Free video with instructions on how to embroider freestanding lace.

The video tutorial demonstrates how to embroider freestanding lace. Instructions specific to making
the tree are below.

Begin by determining how many lace boughs to add to the cone.

Print the designs from embroidery software to make templates.

A template is a printout of a design, and it's an excellent tool for planning where to stitch.

Cut out
the templates.

If you do not have embroidery software to make templates, Wilcom's TrueSizer is a free program.

Pin the templates to the floral cone in layers where you want them to be.

Measure from the bottom of the cone to the top of each layer. Note those measurements so you can place the lace pieces in those locations later.

These are the measurements and number of pieces used for the tree in this example:

Bottom layer -- 6 pieces of Pine Bough 1 (Lace) - Large  placed 4 1/2" from the bottom of the cone
Next layer up -- 5 pieces of Pine Bough 3 (Lace) - Large placed 8" from the bottom of the cone
Next layer up -- 4 pieces of Pine Bough 2 (Lace) - Medium placed 11 1/2" from the bottom of the cone
Next layer up -- 4 pieces of Pine Bough 2 (Lace) - Small placed 14" from the bottom of the cone
Top layer -- 4 pieces of Pine Bough 4 (Lace) - Small placed 17" from the bottom of the cone

Free project instructions to make a lace angel tree topper.

Freestanding lace designs are embroidered onto water-soluble stabilizer. There are two different kinds of stabilizer.

One is clear and plastic-like, and one of the brand names is Sulky Ultra Solvy.

The other is soft and fibrous, known as Vilene. Both will work well, but this demonstration uses Sulky Ultra Solvy.

Hoop a piece of water-soluble stabilizer firmly.

Freestanding lace is visible from both sides, so wind a bobbin with the same thread you are using in the top.

Use 40 weight rayon or polyester, 30-35 weight cotton, or metallic thread in the needle and bobbin.

Embroider the design.

Use a size 11 or 75/11 sharp sewing needle. A sharp sewing needle has a smaller point than an embroidery needle, so that will make smaller perforations in the stabilizer.

After embroidering each design, unhoop the stabilizer and cutaway the excess.

Trim as close to the design as possible without cutting any of the stitches.

To remove the stabilizer, follow the package instructions.

If using Sulky Ultra Solvy, soak
in water hot from the tape for 15 - 20 minutes.

Blot the lace with paper towels.

Shape the lace while it's still wet. Curl the bottom ends of each piece so that they flare in a bough-like fashion.

Allow the lace to dry completely.

After the lace pieces are dry, pin the bottom layer of lace to the cone. Use the measurements that you made previously.

You can pin the lace in a couple of places on the top ends to keep it secured.

Wrap the feather boa around the cone, covering the top ends of the lace layer.

Trim the boa and pin the end in place.

Pin the next layer of lace in place, followed by another layer of the feather boa.

Repeat this process all the way to the top of the cone, ending the final layer with  feather boa.

Add decorative floral or berry picks by inserting them into the cone between the lace and feathers.

You can also add a tree topper, such as a dove or angel ornament. Use hot glue on the bottom of the ornament. Press in place.

Free project instructions to embroider a lace Christmas tree.
This beautiful lace Christmas tree is a brilliant way to make your season bright!

Use it as a Christmas tree alternative, or as a centerpiece at your holiday table.

Lace Christmas Tree

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