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A Winter in Bloom with Echoes Design Pack - Sm



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Bright flowers bloom against snowflake echoes in lovely and delicate designs just right for pillows, quilts, towels, wall hangings, and more!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Winter Aconite and Snowflake Echo

3.8561" x 3.7034"
12856 stitches

Lenten Rose and Snowflake Echo

3.7178" x 3.8624"
15045 stitches

Snowdrop and Snowflake Echo

3.858" x 3.4538"
18718 stitches

Cyclamen and Snowflake Echo

3.4635" x 3.8574"
16066 stitches

Lady's Slipper and Snowflake Echo

3.21" x 3.85"
14348 stitches

Edelweiss and Snowflake Echo

3.8626" x 3.528"
17797 stitches