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A Modern Mola Quilting Design Pack - Md



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Use these designs as traditional Redwork, or use it to stitch through a quilt top, batting, and back. Project instructions demonstrate the technique for quilting with embroidery designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Mola Retro Owl Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8486" x 4.848"
2713 stitches

Mola Love Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.848" x 4.8471"
2301 stitches

Mola Retro Fox Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8491" x 4.8478"
2667 stitches

Mola Cuppa Joe Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8489" x 4.8486"
1988 stitches

Mola Cupcake Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8495" x 4.8493"
1835 stitches

Mola Flamingo Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8484" x 4.8484"
2270 stitches

Mola Diva Shoe Quilting Square (Single Run)

4.8478" x 4.8497"
2500 stitches