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A Sparkling Christmas Critters (Mylar) Design Pack - Lg



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These applique designs use Mylar for extra sparkle and shine. Project instructions give information about using Mylar with applique designs, as well as sources and laundering tips.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Rudolph Reindeer with Stocking (Mylar)

3.3567" x 5.6734"
14199 stitches

Polly Pig with Bell (Mylar)

4.2913" x 4.6011"
15782 stitches

Dolly Duck with Candy Cane (Mylar)

4.8178" x 4.2286"
18306 stitches

Perry Puppy with Present (Mylar)

4.2548" x 4.853"
16188 stitches

Mary Mouse with Christmas Light (Mylar)

4.0831" x 4.5127"
15730 stitches

Tommy Bunny with Christmas Star (Mylar)

5.2581" x 4.8515"
17069 stitches

Barney Bear with Christmas Ornament (Mylar)

4.4355" x 4.3707"
17249 stitches

Katie Kitty with Christmas Ornament (Mylar)

5.3482" x 4.8397"
16522 stitches