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A Floral Sashiko (Applique) Design Pack - Md



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Stitch just the first color of each design and skip the applique for a regularly repeating sashiko background, perfect for quilting through layers. Embroider the applique with 40 weight thread; use 30 weight cotton on the sashiko for a hearty look. Project instructions demonstrate the technique.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Lily Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8441" x 5.8309"
4795 stitches

Daffodil Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8607" x 5.8307"
5248 stitches

Morning Glory Sashiko Sq (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8353" x 5.8185"
5442 stitches

Iris Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8294" x 5.8189"
5314 stitches

Lotus Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8318" x 5.8268"
4426 stitches

Orchid Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.822" x 5.857"
4562 stitches

Echinacea Sashiko Square (Applique) (Single Run)

5.8423" x 5.8185"
6555 stitches