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A Autumn Fancy Design Pack - Sm



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Elements of autumn have been transformed into swirling, sleek geometric shapes. Change the colors to winter, spring, and summer hues to have a perfect look for every season.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Autumn Fancy

6.8062" x 3.783"
22730 stitches

Autumn Fancy Border

6.0039" x 3.3666"
17841 stitches

Autumn Fancy Border

6.0004" x 1.7668"
9209 stitches

Autumn Fancy Corner

4.8572" x 4.8565"
13731 stitches

Autumn Fancy Corner

3.8572" x 3.8574"
10099 stitches

Autumn Fancy Cross

3.0096" x 3.0096"
9573 stitches