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A 3D Halloween Ornaments (Lace) Design Pack



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These freestanding lace designs make wonderful Halloween decorations. Project instructions demonstrate how to embroider freestanding lace, and assemble into a 3D ornament.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Pumpkin in 3D (Lace)

3.67" x 3.85"
51295 stitches

Ghost in 3D (Lace)

3.25" x 3.85"
36146 stitches

Witch Hat in 3D (Lace)

3.7" x 3.85"
36834 stitches

Window Bats in 3D (Lace)

2.65" x 3.85"
41904 stitches

Skull in 3D (Lace)

2.96" x 3.86"
34869 stitches

Spiderweb in 3D (Lace)

3.11" x 3.85"
44375 stitches