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A Spring in a Stitch Design Pack - XL



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Craft a light and playful look for spring with these intricate blossoms! Skirts, pillows, table linens, and more are the perfect places for these petals to grow.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Radiant Spiral Bloom

4.3806" x 9.4029"
10019 stitches

Precious Spiral Bloom

4.1061" x 9.4042"
11241 stitches

Beautiful Spiral Bloom

4.7028" x 9.3939"
12051 stitches

Perfect Spiral Bloom

3.9252" x 9.4053"
9897 stitches

Lively Spiral Bloom

4.0954" x 9.4035"
13257 stitches

Dazzling Spiral Bloom

4.1783" x 9.4049"
10088 stitches