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A Blooming Beauty (Trapunto) Design Pack - Sm



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Light and lovely flowers bloom in these trapunto machine embroidery designs. Create a unique and gorgeous textured quilt by stitching these blossoms through fabric, batting, and back. Project instructions demonstrate the trapunto technique.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Blooming Beauty Aster (Trapunto)

3.8979" x 3.8981"
8791 stitches

Blooming Beauty Clematis (Trapunto)

3.899" x 3.8994"
8965 stitches

Blooming Beauty Wild Rose (Trapunto)

3.8985" x 3.8976"
7833 stitches

Blooming Beauty Magnolia (Trapunto)

3.8996" x 3.899"
8693 stitches

Blooming Beauty Chamomile (Trapunto)

3.9" x 3.9009"
8880 stitches

Blooming Beauty Poppy (Trapunto)

3.9" x 3.8987"
8653 stitches