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A Rustic Ocean Accents Design Pack - Sm



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Classic lines and satin stitching make this collection of seaworthy designs the perfect rustic accent for your home decor. Create pillows, tea towels, and curtains that are teeming with the beauty of sea life.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Rustic Anchor Accent

2.9344" x 3.0252"
4190 stitches

Rustic Seahorse Accent

2.0836" x 3.0273"
3661 stitches

Rustic Seashell Accent

3.0232" x 2.5886"
4497 stitches

Rustic Compass Rose Accent

2.8784" x 3.0269"
4718 stitches

Rustic Clownfish Accent

3.0254" x 2.1172"
5367 stitches

Rustic Coral Accent

2.7677" x 3.0252"
5810 stitches