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A Irish Wildflower Wreaths (Cross Stitch) Design Pack - Lg



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Graceful circles of Irish greenery and wildflowers in cross stitch are beautiful additions to tea towels, table linens, pillow covers, and quilts.

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Designs Included in this Pack

St. John's Wort Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.8661" x 6.902"
27128 stitches

Violet Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.9018" x 6.8661"
26667 stitches

Aster Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.7946" x 7.1164"
28400 stitches

Foxglove Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.8303" x 6.8661"
27704 stitches

Forget-Me-Not Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.8661" x 6.8303"
34391 stitches

Wood Sorel Wreath (Cross Stitch)

6.437" x 6.8303"
24490 stitches