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A Birds of the Jungle (Blackwork) Design Pack - Md



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Blackwork birds, with bold colors, perch among open running-stitch flowers. Embroider onto smooth, neutral fabrics for excellent results.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Kingfisher and Impala Lilies (Blackwork)

5.3935" x 7.2563"
29373 stitches

Bird of Paradise with Flowers (Blackwork)

5.2119" x 7.5829"
34765 stitches

Violet Crowned Woodnymph with Orchids (Blackwork)

5.3213" x 7.2498"
28100 stitches

Flamingo with Anthurium (Blackwork)

5.3021" x 7.8051"
32059 stitches

Macaw with Hibiscus (Blackwork)

5.3484" x 7.7382"
32601 stitches

Toucan with Frangipani (Blackwork)

6.0133" x 7.806"
45809 stitches