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A Crafty Whitework Design Pack - XXL



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These whitework designs use lovely flourishes and light stitches to add a delicate look to crafty notions. Especially beautiful on solid, colored fabrics.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Crafty Spools of Thread (Whitework)

7.1129" x 6.8469"
16275 stitches

Crafty Sewing Machine (Whitework)

7.8001" x 6.5588"
23751 stitches

Crafty Scissors (Whitework)

6.8497" x 7.6697"
20218 stitches

Crafty Dress Form (Whitework)

6.8989" x 8.9945"
18703 stitches

Crafty Knitting Needles (Whitework)

7.8001" x 6.3972"
19172 stitches

Crafty Crochet Hook (Whitework)

7.8001" x 6.3972"
18173 stitches