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A Birds of a Feather Blackwork Design Pack - Md



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These beautiful birds are in a contemporary blackwork style, with bits and bursts of color. White areas are not filled in; the background fabric will be visible.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Parakeet Pair (Blackwork)

4.8541" x 5.6369"
19981 stitches

Cockatiel (Blackwork)

4.8296" x 6.5829"
14742 stitches

Cockatoo (Blackwork)

4.8231" x 6.6188"
20148 stitches

Toucan (Blackwork)

4.85" x 5.8174"
21161 stitches

Kingfisher (Blackwork)

4.85" x 5.6474"
15566 stitches

Macaw (Blackwork)

4.8395" x 6.3731"
18491 stitches