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A Flowers on the Go (Vintage) Design Pack - Sm



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Classic cars and bicycles are blooming with flowers! Vintage-style designs are light and open, and they're a perfect match for smooth, neutral fabrics. Add to quilt blocks, tea towels, and more!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Convertible in Bloom (Vintage)

3.864" x 2.1835"
5776 stitches

Roadster in Bloom (Vintage)

3.8572" x 2.4224"
6236 stitches

Truck in Bloom (Vintage)

3.8554" x 2.2992"
7752 stitches

Model T in Bloom (Vintage)

3.8572" x 2.3053"
6652 stitches

Bicycle in Bloom (Vintage)

3.8594" x 2.9335"
8576 stitches

Penny Farthing in Bloom (Vintage)

3.0066" x 2.9073"
6812 stitches

Scooter in Bloom (Vintage)

3.8552" x 2.5803"
6393 stitches