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A Squeaky Clean Canines Design Pack - Sm



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Stitch squeaky clean fun with dogs in bath tubs! Adorable on towels, tote bags, wall hangings, and more.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Poodle in a Tub

3.6472" x 3.8552"
14672 stitches

Basset Hound in a Tub

3.8556" x 3.6098"
17121 stitches

Pug in a Tub

3.0849" x 3.8609"
19000 stitches

Dachshund in a Tub

3.8594" x 2.8815"
14510 stitches

German Shepherd in a Tub

3.0564" x 3.8482"
15957 stitches

Border Collie in a Tub

3.858" x 3.7332"
19235 stitches