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A Days of the Week Canned Veggies (Redwork) Design Pack - Lg



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Create delicious days of the week towel sets with canned redwork veggies!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Canned Tomatoes on Sunday (Redwork)

3.3263" x 5.6002"
5396 stitches

Canned Pickles on Monday (Redwork)

3.439" x 5.6041"
6926 stitches

Canned Carrots on Tuesday (Redwork)

3.5514" x 5.5993"
4227 stitches

Canned Peas on Wednesday (Redwork)

4.8692" x 5.372"
6423 stitches

Canned Peppers on Thursday (Redwork)

4.5258" x 5.6094"
4573 stitches

Canned Green Beans on Friday (Redwork)

3.2327" x 5.6275"
5039 stitches

Canned Asparagus on Saturday (Redwork)

4.0766" x 5.5971"
4791 stitches