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A Garden of Chinoiserie Design Pack - Lg



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Classic Asian scenes, in panel shapes. Stitch together or separately, and frame to add an Asian flavor to your home décor. Also wonderful on tote bags and pillows!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Chinoiserie Daurian Redstarts Panel

6.0766" x 11.7804"
106138 stitches

Chinoiserie Pagoda Panel

7" x 9.7861"
63110 stitches

Chinoiserie Mandarin Duck Panel

6.9956" x 11.4748"
79480 stitches

Chinoiserie Green Peafowl Panel

5.86" x 11.7747"
82998 stitches

Chinoiserie Swan Scene Panel

6.4493" x 11.7975"
83069 stitches

Chinoiserie Lady with Butterfly Panel

6.9893" x 7.4138"
42526 stitches