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A Radical Robots Stuffies (In-the-Hoop) Design Pack - Lg



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These furry, fuzzy critters are made right in the hoop! Project instructions demonstrate the technique of making stuffies in the hoop.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Roger Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.8467" x 5.8701"
5299 stitches

Rachel Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.8434" x 6.6662"
7644 stitches

Raynay Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.8301" x 5.2443"
7374 stitches

Ricky Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.7408" x 6.848"
10854 stitches

Randall Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.8508" x 5.1275"
9344 stitches

Reginald Robot Stuffie (In-the-Hoop)

4.1559" x 6.8834"
8842 stitches