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A Redwork Flight of Fantasy Design Pack - Lg



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Fantastic creatures and alluring characters, in one-color redwork, will spark the imagination when added to any item! Design pack contains 6 designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Griffin Through the Wilderness (Redwork)

5.86" x 6.83"
14878 stitches

I Believe That There Are Unicorns (Redwork)

5.8729" x 6.2321"
14384 stitches

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards (Redwork)

5.8731" x 6.5827"
16961 stitches

The Dragon and His Wrath (Redwork)

5.8731" x 6.6328"
15142 stitches

Dance of the Fairies (Redwork)

5.8729" x 6.5976"
18957 stitches

The Angel of the Sea (Redwork)

5.8731" x 6.5536"
18264 stitches