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A Butterflies (Lace) Design Pack



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These freestanding lace designs add the spirit of spring and summer to your home! Project instructions demonstrate the technique of making freestanding lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Butterfly I (Lace)

3" x 2.39"
10765 stitches

Butterfly II (Lace)

3.84" x 3"
16908 stitches

Butterfly III (Lace)

3.86" x 2.96"
18281 stitches

Butterfly IV (Lace)

3.84" x 3.75"
18955 stitches

Butterfly V (Lace)

3.06" x 2.11"
9894 stitches

Butterfly VI (Lace)

3.88" x 3.62"
20984 stitches