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A Clothespin Cozies (In-the-Hoop) Design Pack



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Clothespin cozies are made right in the hoop! They make great chip clips, or add magnets to the back and use them to hold photos and notes. Project instructions demonstrate how to make clothespin cozies, right in the hoop.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Daisy Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

2.9827" x 3.8729"
6817 stitches

Butterfly Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

3.4646" x 3.8714"
4635 stitches

Dragonfly Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

3.8729" x 3.874"
6255 stitches

Bumblebee Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

3.8952" x 3.878"
6000 stitches

Tulip Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

3.8436" x 3.8703"
6473 stitches

Ladybug Clothespin Cozy (In-the-Hoop)

3.0155" x 3.8681"
4247 stitches